Different Ways to wish ‘Happy New Year 2019’ | Greetings & Wishes | English Conversation Talking Points

Saying ‘Happy New Year’ is quite boring and cliche, Learn some unique and new English Conversation phrases to wish or Greet someone on the New Years. This English Lesson with Niharika will teach you some great talking points for the New Year to start a conversation. It’s almost the end of 2018, there is no larger global celebration than ringing in the New year’s with style. And rightfully so- considering that you are signing up to a new array of possibilities!

So this English speaking lesson is going to touch upon how you can articulate all English conversations surrounding the much awaited New year’s celebration. Watch out for ESPECIALLY about how to aptly describe your new years resolution, how to talk about New Years trivia and various other New year related vocabulary. WHAT’S Better than to Start the year with learning something new and learn some words and phrases to speak fluent English.

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Complete Video Transcript : –

Hey everyone, it’s me Niharika and welcome to a new lesson. We ring in the new year with firecrackers, confetti, champagne and of course happy New Year wishes. Well the New Year comes with a fresh start, new opportunities and an exhilarating sense of rejuvenation. We often make New Year’s resolutions in an attempt to improve ourselves and to be better towards others. Expressing our love, gratitude, respect and appreciation to others, on this day and sending them wishes for New Year’s is a great way to share the spirit with our friends, family and co-workers. So guys in today’s lesson with me, you will learn some expressions that people use related to New Year’s and also how you can wish someone a very ‘Happy New Year’, well that’s what we’re gonna look at. So firstly let’s look at the expression, “New Year’s Eve’. Now remember friends, New Year’s Eve is the night that you party and you actually bring in the New Year’s which is 31st of December and New Year’s Day is January 1st. So many people do get a little confused, so there are two different English phrases that we use for these two different days. The first one is December 31st which is your New Year’s Eve, you bring in the New Year’s and the second phrase that we use is the New Year’s Day which is actually January 1st. Now let’s look at the expressions that you should actually use if you plan to do something on New Year’s Eve. Now many people do ask you, right? “Hey, so what are you doing for your New Year’s Eve?” “What are your plans?” So which are the expressions that we use, one thing that you can use is, “We’re going for a weekend retreat.” Now you use this expression for a weekend getaway, which actually means that you have planned to just go out somewhere pretty close, not very far from where you live and just relax and celebrate the New Year’s with your friends and family. The second expression that you can use is, “Throwing a bash at home.” Like I am throwing a bash at home. Now if you have a big party at your home with your friends and family use this expression, which means you’re gonna celebrate dancing and partying at your home. Another expression in English that you can use is that, “It’s a date night.” So if someone asks you that what are your plans? You can say well it’s a date night. Now date night is if you and your partner are just going out for a nice romantic dinner and that’s how you’re gonna bring in the New Year’s together, then yes you can use this. Another happy thing that couples do is like have a “Movie marathon.” So your next expression is we are gonna go or we’re gonna have a movie marathon. But what does this expression really means? Now people who do not like to be a part of the crazy parties and prefer to be with the loved ones, well it’s a great way to welcome a new year’s and say goodbye to the holiday season. So you just chill on the couch and binge watch your favorite movies, isn’t that amazing? So yes that’s called as movie marathon. The next thing that people generally do is attend a “Midnight church service.” So you can use this expression if you do that, like I am gonna attend a midnight church service. Some people will actually attend the midnight service that’s held on New Year’s Eve which is 31st of December, well it’s called a “Watch night service”, so people often include like food, singing and then a message from the church leadership is given, so that’s how people go for a midnight mass. And then the last thing which is the most, most common thing which almost all of us do is, “I am going for a party.” Yes, so if you are all set to doll up and you put on your high heels and you head to the best party in the town and paint the town red, then yes this is the English expression that you use when people ask you that, “What are your plans for your New Year’s Eve?” You end up saying that, I am going for a party. So which means you’re gonna attend a nice event, a nice party with your friends and family. So guys these were the expressions that you can use when people ask you that what are you doing for New Year’s Eve and now we’re gonna look at some “New Year’s resolutions”. Now people make New Year’s resolutions, right? Which means they make a firm decision to do something or probably set a goal or bring in a change to an undesired trait or behavior. So how do you talk about that in English? Well, when people ask about someone’s resolutions, the question is simple when you would like to know if someone has a new year resolution, you’re gonna ask, “What’s your new year’s resolution?” Or “Are you going to make a new year’s resolution?” Two simple questions, right? But how to answer this question? Well something like this, you can say that, “Oh! I have actually, already made one.” I have resolved to learn a hundred new words every week. Wow! That’s a good resolution, right? Especially for all your learners out there. Another way that you can talk about new year resolution is that, ”My new year resolution is, that I am gonna eat healthy.” Now this is for the people, if you have gained too much of weight and you really, really want to get rid of all the junk food, then your new resolution is that I am gonna eat healthy, right? So guys if someone asks me that what is my new, new year resolution, then my new year resolution is that I am going to be a little more kind and helpful towards others. Yes, that’s what I have taught. In this mean world I’m gonna be a little more nicer and a little more kinder to others. Now lastly friends let’s look at some expressions that you can use to wish someone a very happy New Year’s. Yes, now it’s the same old boring thing, right? “Hey, wish you a very happy new year.” That’s boring. So if you are an English Learner and you would like to use some new expressions well I do have few expressions that you can use at least this year the first one, well “I wish you a smashing new year filled with laughter and happiness.” Yup, that’s sweet and simple. The second one that you can use is that, “I wish you the biggest slice of happiness and good luck in the coming new year.” So basically you’re wishing someone happiness and good luck. And the third one is pretty simple, “Season’s greetings and best wishes for the new year.” Yes season’s greetings you use it for the holiday season. So you can use it right from 22nd December to the 1st of January. This is the expression that you can use. So guys as the New Year is actually drawing so close, new resolutions are being set up, midnight kisses are being anticipated and that perfect night out with friends and family is being planned, guess what? You also have your English phrases in place and all this comes once a year, so guys what do you need to do? Well practice, practice and practice and make the most of it and here’s me wishing you a very happy new year, a new year full of peace, laughter, prosperity and health. Thank you so much for watching me today and I will see you, the next year.

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