Don’t Say – I Am Happy | Learn 10 Unique English Idioms To Express Your Happiness

Hello everyone, I’m Nysha and I’m one of your new English trainers on your favourite channel to learn and speak fluent English confidently. Happiness, a simple 9 letter word which all of us strive to have in our lives. The more we have of it, the more we want. It’s something we can never have enough of…..but….what IS happiness? It is feeling of great joy, satisfaction and contentment.  It is a positive state of mind. Happiness is a feeling that you and I have experienced at some or many points in our lives.  So how do we describe this feeling of….Happiness? Sometimes, you can be so happy that its difficult to find the right English words. How can you express it in words to others so they can know exactly how happy you are?  Sure, you could say I am really so happy or I am over the moon. Aren’t these great ways of expressing happiness? Indeed, they are….but tIn Today’s English speaking lesson, I’m going to teach you 10 English idioms you can use in daily English conversation to express yourself the next time something gives you immense happiness and you’ll know exactly what is meant the next time you hear someone use these happiness idioms in every day English conversation.

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