Don’t Say – Happy New Year | Learn Unique Greetings For New Year Messages | Romatic, Formal & Informal

Saying ‘Happy New Year’ is just so boring. In this Lesson, I will teach you unique New Year messages that you could send to your partner, boss, friends and family. I have included Romantic messages, Formal & Informal messages. You could use these messages on Whatsapp, SMS or even in your conversation to greet someone on New Year. Don’t be a word bore! OR Forward messages you receive. Use these unique English phrases instead. Stay blessed in the New Year!

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Complete Lesson Transcript –

Glasses raised in toasting and fireworks exploding.
What does that remind you of?
You guessed it right.
It is the brand new year that we are celebrating.
And speaking of New Year, I Ceema to your English trainer and our
entire let’s talk team would like to wish you a very
happy New Year.
But wait a minute.
I don’t want to have such a boring wish.
So therefore, in today’s lesson, I want to teach you some unique ways
to wish people a happy new year.
Okay, so let’s see what they are now.
There are different kinds of wishes, but I think when you’re talking about wishing your
spouse your better half or let’s see, let’s see your boyfriend or your girlfriend.
You want to have some really nice romantic wishes, right?
No boring wishes.
So what are they?
Let’s have a look.
I can see my heart beating faster for you in the new year.
Now let’s say you have a new relationship.
But just because your relationship is new, that doesn’t mean it has to be
like, really boring.
So this is a nice phrase to tell your partner.
But don’t worry.
It’s the New Year and my heart is definitely going to be a lot more faster for
you or another.
Really nice wish a romantic wish would be.
I only wish the new year makes our bond stronger.
Now, let me tell you that what time it is an old relationship.
You know, the romance kind of fizzles out right?
But this wish is a way of saying, Hey, don’t worry.
We’ve been together a long time, but I wish that our bond
only grows stronger in the new year.
A Nice one, Right?
Or you could say, Although it’s New Year’s, my love
and support for you is the same old and rigid.
Okay, just because it’s the New Year’s should your love change?
Obviously not.
So this is a nice way of saying that, yes, it’s the new years, but our love is
going to be the same old and strong.
Let’s have a look at some other ones.
New Year is the first day of the year, and to make it auspicious, you want to
spend it with the best person, which obviously is going to be your romantic partner.
So in that case, I think it’s a good idea to say I can’t
think of anyone else.
I’d rather be spending New Year’s Eve Happy New Year, which
means you’re telling them that.
Look, I want to take the first year of the year only for you.
I want to dedicate it to you, and that’s a really romantic wish.
You have to agree.
Or you could say, Please don’t make any resolutions.
You’re perfect.
Happy New Year.
I think this is really cool because it’s a nice way of complimenting your partner because
everyone makes resolutions, which is a good thing.
But you’re telling your partner, Hey, you’re perfect.
You don’t need to make any resolutions.
A pretty smart wish.
It’s a wish and a compliment if you think about it.
Okay, what else can we use?
The next wish that I think is really unique would be something like this.
Let’s get lit this New Year’s as we continue making
fireworks together.
Okay, For those who don’t know lit, this is an expression.
It’s mostly like a slang, a millennial slang.
Another way of saying, Let’s have fun.
Let’s have a great time.
So if your relationship is, you know, is having
if you’re in a relationship I think when you say Let’s get lit, it means let’s have
fun, Which means let’s really get crazy and have a great time this
entire year.
These are our romantic wishes.
But then we also have what I call us.
Informal wishes, wishes that we want to, you know, use with our
friends with our family or anybody that we know on an informal level.
What are they?
Let’s have a look.
Have a carefree and a hangover free New Year’s
carefree means.
Obviously a lot of fun, but a hangover free
hangover is, you know, the aftermath of binge drinking.
So if you’ve had, like, a lot of drinking to do if you drank a lot the next day, you feel a
little bit sick.
That is a hangover.
Okay, so I want you to have fun.
But I also want you to be hangover free.
Don’t drink too much on the New Year’s.
That’s a really nice and fun way to wish someone who is close to you.
The other wish.
It’s a very simple one, you simply say, wishing you the New Year’s best short,
sweet and simple.
Another really nice wish would be best wishes to one of the best
people I know now.
I normally use this with my really close friends.
I’ve used this quite a couple of times because I have some really close friends, and I want to
wish them the best.
So this is my way of telling them that they are special to me and I end up
wishing them anyway, right?
The other wish would be New York
New us 2022.
We’re ready for you.
Happy New York or goes like this New York, new
us 2022.
We are ready for you.
Okay, so this wish is like more of a group wish.
So let’s say you have a group of friends and you’re partying together and you want to, like, just, you
know, wish everybody together and not wish anyone individually, This would
definitely be a good one to use.
Now, I think this one is a really nice, nice and warm wish
which conveys your heart Felt emotions for people where you can
say, may your new year give you new reasons to smile,
A new year.
A new beginning should definitely bring happiness and cheer.
And I believe this expression definitely does it
Sometimes you want to remind people what New Year’s is all about.
Okay, so you will say out with the old in with the new
But I would not.
I will not let go of friends like you again.
You use this with some really close friends because no matter which year it is,
no matter how new the year is at the beginning of January,
you still want to have your old friends because you can’t let them go so a really nice and
a warm way of wishing them.
So these are the informal wishes.
However, we’re not going to look at some formal wishes.
Formal wishes of those wishes that we use for our clients, our
boss people at work.
Maybe let’s see what they are.
You could say.
I hope you are at war with your vices and at peace
with your dreams in this new year.
For those who don’t know what advices, advice refers
to bad habits.
Okay, so if you’re someone who who is who’s got the habit of drinking too
much or smoking or anything else, which is not good, that’s advice.
So you’re actually wishing someone I hope you are at war, which means you are at
loggerheads with your vices and at peace with your dreams.
What you could say embrace the New Year’s with an open heart
and a free spirit.
Cheers to New horizons A lot of your employees or your
coworkers are looking for something new in the new year.
They want to possibly progress to a higher level in their
career, so this is a really good wish to to use with them,
and I have another one for you.
It says.
Hope the New Year brings you lots of love, laughter and joy.
A really simple wish, but something you can use for all formal
New Year wishes.
A really nice one.
You should try it out.
Um, what you could say New York New Chapter
I hope this year is an incredible part of your
gigantic vision.
This is something you must use with your business clients because people who are in business people who are
professionals, they always have this gigantic this huge vision in front
of them, and using New Year’s as the opportunity to wish them to
further their vision is a great idea.
And this is your wish.
That will help you do that.
Okay, Now I have another one which says cheers to a New
York filled with new and exciting memories.
Again, A very simple wish, A very sweet one, but a really heartfelt one
for using on a formal level.
And here comes the last one for the day.
It says, Here’s wishing you the best of your heart’s desires.
Happy New Year.
Well, we all have a lot of desires in our hearts as we start the New
year, and the New Year’s is the best time to look forward for something new,
So this is a way of really reinforcing that motivation
when you wish someone by using this particular phrase, So go ahead
and use this.
In fact, go ahead and use all of these phrases because all of these phrases are going
to definitely show that you have more creative ways of using the new
language, and it will show that you are definitely a good English speaker.
So this is me, Seamus saying Happy New Year cheers to a
great New Year and cheers to new beginnings to everyone.
Have a great time, have safe New Year and keep learning.
I’ll see you back with some more lessons.
Until then, this is me saying

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