Easy Trick for ‘Active and Passive Voice’ in English Grammar (in Simple Present Tense)

Learning Active and passive voice has always bothered English learners, they simply find it boring. So we though let’s simplify #activevoice & #passivevoice for you today, learn the easiest trick in the book to covert a active sentence to passive, which is easy to remember and you would never find it boring. In today’s English Grammar lesson with Rachna, how to master the rules for active and passive voice sentences without getting too much into the technical aspects of grammar rules in English. This lesson would help you score better marks in your exam, speak English confidently and score better at an IELTS writing test.  Do watch our library of more than 1400+ English speaking lessons to improve your English and speak English fluently and confidently. Our English training videos cover topics such as English Grammar usage, English conversation for daily use, Improving pronunciation and accent, Tips on learning English, English for IELTS exams ( Ielts reading, writing, speaking & reading), American and British English lessons for students travelling overseas. 


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