How to start a conversation with a stranger?

Has it ever happened to you that saw a person who is an absolute stranger and you want to know more about them? In this English speaking lesson with Michelle you’re learning some interesting English expressions to start speaking  in English  or starting an English conversation with a complete stranger.

At a Party

Can I offer you a drink?
A common way of starting a conversation is by buying someone a drink.

Do you know anyone here?
This can sound a bit desperate – but it’s good if you can introduce the person to other people you know.

You’re a great dancer.
Saying something nice about someone is a good start

I like your jacket – where did you get it?
Of course you don’t only have to talk about jackets: tops, shirts, shoes, blouses anything will do!

At a Public Place- Garden/ Beach

The best time to start a conversation is when you are next to someone who is not moving.  You can’t start talking to someone walking away from you.  Then you are bothering them by making them stop.  But if you are sitting down on a bench and someone is next to you, or you are at a beach and someone is close by, you can start a conversation by saying something generic.  Here are some conversation starting sentences.

The weather is so nice today.  Are you from around here?

(It’s a general topic so you can expect a positive response)

Caution: After you make your first sentence, you should see by their reaction if they want to continue the conversation or not.  If they appear a little rude, then stop talking to them.  You don’t have to say anything to stop talking.  They don’t expect you to.  They expect you to not say another word.

But if they ask a question back, and they seem friendly, then you can continue with the conversation.
“Are you here with your family?”
An easy way to start talking is when you notice something such as their kids, family, or a dog they might be with.

At a Tourist Location

It’s very common for strangers to talk to each other if you are at a tourist location.  For example, if you are at Disney Land and you are sitting down, someone next to you might ask some questions assuming you are visiting from somewhere.
“Are you on vacation here?”
“Yes.  I’m taking a vacation from Korea.”

There are many opportunities to talk with strangers.  If you are waiting for a bus, or if you are waiting in line, strangers start talking to each other.  Another opportunity is if you are on a ferry or in the park sitting on a bench.  Basically, opportunities can come everywhere.  You should practice these English conversation phrases if you want to talk with different people. Speaking in English with strangers require a lot of small talk.

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