English Expressions to Empathize with a Sick Person.

Unfortunately people fall sick and you don’t want to use cliche’s or upset the ill person.So right choice of phrases can really brighten a person’s day. So if your friend or any family member is sick,below are the phrases that you can use:

1) I’m here for you

One should begin by saying I’m sorry to hear that and then use this phrase. This phrase is perfect to comfort the sick person and give  the confidence that you are there for him/her.

2) Just give me my marching orders

This will cheer up the sick and its a great phrase to express empathy and availability.

3) Is there anything I can do to comfort you?

The first thing you do is empathize, you understand what the person is feeling or going through therefore you want to help that person in the best way. To do so you can ask this question or also say I can only imagine what you are going through.

4) Wish you a quick recovery.

Now you want them to get better and recuperate as soon as possible. Therefore to wish them a quick recovery use this phrase.

5) Hope you perk up soon

This phrase is again similar to the one above. When you want someone to feel better soon you can use the phrase and motivate them to be positive for their recovery.
Hope these phrase are useful to all you out there, Use them when required and make sure you don’t just remain silent or say silly things that would worsen the situation.

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