Quick Look – How to use adjectives?

In this English Grammar lesson by Ria, you will take a quick look at how to use adjectives in English. You will learn different types of adjectives and how to use them in your spoken English.

The different kinds of adjectives are discussed in detail, they answer some basic questions about nouns:

What colour ?

  • It is a pink
  • It is a white
  • It’s a red
  • She is a fair
  • He is a dark

What Kind?

  • It is a large
  • It’s a big
  • She is a fat
  • He is a thin

Which one?

  • This balloon is mine.
  • This baby is his brother.
  • These cats have tails.

How many?

  • There are three girls in the classroom.
  • There are several pigs in the pen.
  • There are many people in the park.
  • There are 5 pencils on the table.

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