Learn 07 English idioms for effective communication

Today’s English lesson has some interesting English idioms related to communication that can easily be used in English daily conversation. These idioms are often used by Native English speakers in their Spoken English, you could practice these idioms and improve your English speaking and speak fluent English. Communication is of utmost important in today’s world since it brings people together.

To get hold of – to manage to contact someone

Example: I have been trying to get hold of you since yesterday, please meet me immediately.
To give the low down – to give complete information
Example: I missed the football match yesterday; I need a low down on everything.
To hear through the grapevine– to get some information, mostly gossip or rumors through friends or informally.
Example: I heard through the grapevine that Peter split up with his girlfriend
Touch base – to renew communication
Example: I need to touch base with you regarding our old business ideas.


Word of mouth – promote something through conversation
Example: My salon has been getting a lot of customers just through word of mouth
To put someone in the picture – to make someone aware
Example: We need to put the new guy at work, Charles in the picture so that he gets familiar with everything


Can’t make head or tail of anything – unable/ fail to understand any information or situation
Example: This report is of no use because I can’t make head or tail of anything it states.

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