How to say ‘YOU ARE STUPID’ to someone’s face without them knowing? Learn 10 Smart Ways!

You are #STUPID, If you say this to someone’s face, you are likely to turn blue. But if you want to know – How to say ‘You are Stupid’ to someone’s face without offending them. Here are 10 smart ways, Learn some interesting and smart English Phrases to say Stupid with they knowing, that you are calling them stupid. This English lesson plan with Michelle is part of Free English speaking course at Let’s Talk. Use these Phrases from this spoken English Lesson to sound smart and have some fun learning English. At Let’s Talk, we have more than 1300 plus free English lessons which are divided into separate English courses and sub topics such as, English grammar, Accent Training modules, American English, British English, English conversation lessons, IELTS training and coaching, Tips to learn English, Job interview question and answers and much more to enhance your English speaking and speak English for the real world.


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