Talking about Diwali – Vocabulary, Phrases & Expressions

Diwali is celebrated in India as the Festival of Lights and is one of the most important festivals of India . Indian people all over the globe celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm .
In this Diwali English lesson you will learn vocabulary related to Diwali.

Deepawali – means a row of lights . The name Diwali evolved from Deepa – meaning lamp and vali meaning row .

Diya – means earthern oil lamp which is lit up during Diwali .

Rangoli – coloured sand designs made on the floor as part of Diwali decoration

Toran – garland of flowers used to decorate doors and vehicles

Sparklers – noiseless firecrackers that when lighted up form beautiful patterns

Crackers : fire crackers or fireworks that are burst during Diwali celebrations

Dhanteras : the day of Diwali that is celebrated by businessman as the day of starting their new financial year . Gold is also bought on this day .

Laxmi pooja – Laxmi is the Hindu goddess of prosperity and wealth .. She is worshipped through a special ceremony called pooja in order to receive her blessings

Bhai Dooj – it is a celebration of siblings where the brother is made to feel special by the sister , gifts are exchanged

Saree – the traditional Indian garment is draped by women on Diwali

Salwar kameez – is another traditional dress worn by women on Diwali

Kurta – is the traditional garment worn by men on Diwali

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