English phrases & Expressions to announce death

Nobody likes to talk about death and knowing what to say when people die is quite a difficult thing for English Speakers as well as English learners. You may have strong emotions when someone dies but it is important for you to use the right words to announce a death.
Below are the phrases that you can use :-

1. Did you hear about Mr Smith,he passed away. ( You use this phrase when you are not very close to the person who died and you just learnt about his death and have to share it with others)

2. Shane is no longer/no more with us. ( Rather than using strong words like dead or died one can use this phrase)

3. We deeply regret to announce the sad demise of Mr Smith ( Use this for a formal death announcement)

4. He’s left us …( When you don’t want to share much details use this phrase)

5. She’s gone to a better place ( Refers to Heaven)

6.She bit the dust / He finally kicked the bucket. ( These two phrases are not very polite but can be used to talk about death of an character on T.V)

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