How to Pronounce ‘H’ correctly in English?

Have you always been confuse about how to pronounce the English alphabet /H/ in English. This English pronunciation lesson by Emmelda would help you learn the correct pronunciation of /H/ when combined with vowels and consonants in a word. The alphabet /H/ in English is pronounced by bringing out air from our mouth. It is different than the character /H/ in many languages, where this letter is dropped when pronouncing the word. Dropping the /H/ sound can change the meaning.

For example: Hair-air

We will be discussing how H is pronounced when it comes with different vowels and consonants

HA: Hair, Hammer, happy

HE: Heart, Here, Hector, Hell

HI: Hill, Behind, Hive

HO: Holiday, Ohio, Honest

HU: Hunt, Hungry, Hustle

CH: Character, Church, Chandelier

GH: Ghana, Weigh, Laugh

PH: Philip, Phoenix, Philadelphia

TH: This, Think, Thomas

SH: Shake, Usher, Polish

WH: When, Whisky, Whole

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