4 sounds to pronounce ‘O’ correctly in English.

The English pronunciation of O can different in the American English as well as British English. In this English lesson, we will be discovering the sounds ‘O’ is associated with. In English, the vowel O takes the following sounds.

‘O’ takes Uh sound

Uh: One (w-uh-n), work (W-uhrk), son (S-uh-n), ton(T-uh-n), Monday (Muhn-day), come( C-uhm)

‘O’ could also take the aw sound:

On (aw-n), Don (d-aw-n), Cops,(k-aw-ps) Blog(bl-awg), cot (k-aw-t), dot (d-aw-t), lost (law-st).

oh: Cone (Koh-n), alone (al-oh-n), bone (boh-n), stone (st-oh-n), phone (F-oh-n)

When ‘O’ takes oo sound

Too, cool (k-oo-l), mood .

O has a very important role to play in differentiating between the American and British accent.

Note: In American English , O is pronounced as AAOW (NAOW), and in British English its ‘Noh’.

Pot: American pronounce the word as pawt(pot). The british pronounce it as P-oh-t.

Honour: In American English this word is pronounced as ‘Aw-ner’, while in British English, the word is pronounced as ‘Oh-ner’.

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