English Small Talk – Talking About The Weather | Learn New English Expressions & Phrases

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Hey guys! I’m Nysha and welcome to today’s English speaking lesson on your favourite channel Lets Talk. When you meet people at a social gathering or when you are getting to know someone from a different city or country, one of the most popular small talk topics to start a conversation with is…..talking about the weather isn’t it? Have you ever noticed just how many people talk about the weather in everyday English conversation? The weather is often different from day to day and varies from place to place, which makes it a relevant subject to start a conversation even with strangers. We often get asked, how’s the weather in your city? Or what’s the weather like at your end? And more often then not, we reply with the standard…its very hot, or it’s really cold, its been raining a lot or it’s very humid outside.
Are you someone who loves the rain? Are you afraid of lightening or thunderstorms? Do you love snuggling into your cozy blanket and sipping on hot coffee when winter approaches? Or are you the type of person who just can’t wait for the summers and would choose the heat over the cold any-day? I’m one of those people. I much prefer the sunshine and the summer season. Whatever your preference is, wouldn’t it be fun to learn several different English expressions and phrases to describe the weather? Watch the complete lesson to learn new ways to describe the weather.


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