English phrases to break up with your girl/boy friend

In this English speaking lesson you will learn some useful phrases when you want to break up with your partner. There are different ways to break up with someone or end a relationship in the English language; you can use the following sentences to convey this in English:

It’s not you , it’s me :

Means the reason for the break up is the person who is breaking up and not the other person ; this way you are letting down the other person easy and not blaming the other person for the break up .

It’s over :

This is a direct and fairly harsh way of breaking up because in this case you are not offering any explanation for breaking up ; in fact by stating its over you are closing all further communication and are not open to any form of discussion

We are not compatible :

This means that two people have very different personalities … And that they do not work well together in a relationship .

Don’t want to be exclusive:

Meaning the person who is breaking up does not want to be in a relationship with just one person; the person wants to explore more people , date others and not commit to one person. This is a valid reason to break up.

We are not in the same place :

Means we want different things from life ; like one person may want to settle down the other person may want to focus on career .

Giving an ultimatum:

Meaning one person giving the other person a deadline to commit to the relationship; if the deadline is not met then that becomes the cause for the break up .

I don’t feel the same way about you:

Meaning the intensity of emotions that two people feel as not at the same level; and that’s why the levels of commitment towards the relationship are at different levels; and that becomes the reason for the breakup . english speaking lesson learn English breaking up

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