English Vocabulary Lesson # 132 – Frivolous – Adjective

Sometimes, we give too much importance to small issues or things that don’t even matter at all. You pay so much attention to these issues or things even if they are unworthy. The word ‘frivolous’ basically means something that is unimportant and has no serious purpose or value.  Anything that lacks sense or seriousness is considered to be frivolous. So when you pay too much attention to small issues that are irrelevant, you are actually wasting your time on frivolous things. If someone is frivolous, that person shouldn’t be taken seriously because he’s always fooling around and never gets anything done. For example, if you had a small and an unnecessary argument with your colleague, it means you had a frivolous argument.

The word ‘frivolous’ is an adjective as it describes something of being unimportant. ‘Frivolously’ is an adverb and ‘frivolousness’ is a noun.

Example sentences for practice

Example 01: When John gave Ria a frivolous apology, she was unimpressed by his fake sincerity.

Example 02: When she is at the cosmetic section, Zara has a tendency of making frivolous purchases.

Example 03: Lisa and Mary enjoy window shopping even though it is a frivolous activity.

Example 04 : As soon as the judge heard the details of the frivolous lawsuit, he dismissed the case.

Example 05: The couple always fights over frivolous issues.

Example 06: The two friends share every frivolous detail about their lives.

Example 07: Most children waste their time by playing video games for frivolous pleasures.

Example 08: Michelle and her friends spend frivolously on gambling.

Example 09: Jennifer’s failure in her test was a result of her frivolousness towards her studies.

Example 10: The boss asked the managers, “Stop concentrating on frivolous tasks, and pay attention to the urgent ones.

We hope this English lesson has helped you learn a new word and how to use it in your conversation to become fluent in English conversation.


  • I love Vocabulary lesson very much……….so that I want more and more videos of vacabulary

  • Nice lessons!! I’m an English teacher and I have learned interesting things in your class!
    All of you are very competent and teach in a polite way. The subject you’ve taught isn’t frivolous, srsrsr!!

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