English Vocabulary Lesson #142 – To have second thoughts (Idiom)

In this English vocabulary lesson you will learn how to use the idiom ‘To have second thoughts’. In our day to day lives, we make several decisions. Some we are sure of and some we aren’t. There are some decisions that we make but we are unsure about them. We begin to rethink if we have made the right decision or not.

The idiom ‘to have second thoughts’ basically means to reconsider or to rethink about a decision or an opinion. When you have second thoughts about something, you are in a process of changing your mind. So, having second thoughts means you are reconsidering or rethinking a decision or opinion that you made in the past. You are confused whether to continue with the same decision or to change it. If you do something without a second thought,you do it without thinking about it carefully, usually because you do not have enough time or you do not care very much about it. For example, you have saved a lot of money and decided to invest it in the stock market. When you are about to invest, you rethink of investing. This is because you have doubts about your decision of investing in stock. It means you have second thoughts.

In this idiom ‘have’ is a verb that shows the action of possessing. ‘Had’ is its past and past participle form.

English sentences for practice :

Example 01: Even though Maria is madly in love with James, she has second thoughts about marrying him.

Example 02: Michelle had second thoughts about lending money to her friend. She stayed awake thinking all night.

Example 03: When William went to book his new car, he was reluctant as he had second thoughts.

Example 04: After having second thoughts about going for a movie, Kelly finally decided to stay home and watch TV.

Example 05: Even after a huge fight with her friend, Lara attended her friend’s birthday party without having second thoughts.

Example 06: Despite the poor job market situation, Victor put in his resignation without having second thoughts.

Example 07: Samantha is a shopaholic. She uses her credit card freely without having second thoughts.

Example 08: When Ryan bought a pup from the kennel, he had second thoughts about taking good care of him.

How often do you have second thoughts about your decisions?

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