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English Vocabulary Lesson # 146 – Unprecedented (Adjective)

In this English speaking lesson you will learn how to use the word Unprecedented as an adjective and adverb. Sometimes you hear of incidents that have never happened before.  It could be something very unusual and uncommon. You actually wonder something like that could even happen in real.

The word ‘unprecedented’ basically means unique or extraordinary. Something that is unprecedented is not known, experienced, or done before. It is unheard of and something that has never been experienced before.You use ‘unprecedented’ to express that something is amazing or extraordinary and it has never been done before. If you describe something as unprecedented, you are emphasizing that it is very great in quality, amount or scale.

The word ‘unprecedented’ is an adjective as it describes something of being unusual or unique. ‘Unprecedentedly’ is an adverb as it describes the action of being done in an uncommon manner.

For example, there is a new film released this weekend. The number of people gathered outside the cinema is very large and there is a long queue to buy tickets.  The cinema has never experienced such an enthusiastic crowd who are so eager to watch the film. It means that an unprecedented number of people are waiting outside the cinema.

Example sentences for conversation :

Example 01: The sudden crash in the stock market last year was unprecedented and left all the investors in a state of shock.

Example 02: The kids were shocked when William announced his unprecedented decision of moving to a new city for a job.

Example 03: The Olympic athlete set an unprecedented record by winning nine medals.

Example 04: The rainfall in the city has been unprecedentedly high for the last few days.

Example 05: The censor board objected to the unprecedented violent scenes shown in the movie.

Example 06: The famous movie star surprised everyone after she tweeted unprecedented facts of her life.

Example 07: Everyone at the fashion show was taken aback looking at the unprecedented attire of the model.

Example 08: At the meeting, the HR department was discussing unprecedented techniques of motivating their employees.

Example 09: The number of crimes in the world has increased unprecedentedly.

What was the last unprecedented experience you had? How did you react to it?

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