English Vocabulary Lesson # 149 – To get a kick out of something (Idiom)

In this English speaking lesson you will learn how to use the idiom ‘To get a kick out of something’. There are certain things you do because you enjoy doing them. It could be playing a musical instrument or indulging in your favorite sport, you are completely enthusiastic about it and look forward to it.

The idiom ‘to get a kick out of something’ basically means to enjoy something very much.

In this idiom, you could replace the word ‘kick’ with charge and say to get a charge out of something. They mean the same.If you do something that gives you a thrill, it means you get a kick out of it.  You do it for excitement and fun. You actually find something very entertaining or amusing. You don’t do it with anything intention, but just for sheer fun.

If something gives you a kick, it means you derive extreme pleasure from it and it leaves you feeling very delighted.The word ‘get’ in this idiom is a verb which shows the action of receiving.  Its past form is ‘got’ and the past participle is got/gotten.

For example, whenever you get free, you take your car and go on long drives. You really get pleasure and enjoy driving. You feel stress free and it lifts your spirits. It doesn’t matter whether your alone or accompanied by someone, but as long as you’re driving, you feel excited and happy. It means you get a kick out of driving .

English Sentences for Conversation :

Example 01: James loves attending parties as he gets a kick out of speaking to different women there.

Example 02: William is often seen online on watsapp as he gets a kick out of reading all the jokes sent by his friends.

Example 03: Trevor often acts like a rockstar while listening to rock music as he gets a kick out of doing so.

Example 04: Natalia gets a kick out of experimenting with different hair colors on her hair.

Example 05: When she feels low and upset, Frieda eats a huge chocolate pasty as she gets a kick out of it and it uplifts her mood.

Example 06: The singer feels proud and gets a kick out of the applause given by his audience.
Example 07: At work, Amanda gets a kick out of gossiping about one colleague to another.

Example 08: Peter gets a kick out of gambling even if he loses a lot of money.

Example 09: Lisa has a huge collection of shoes. Though she doesn’t use all of them, she gets a kick out of collecting them.

What do you get a kick out of?

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