English Vocabulary Lesson # 159 – To be one’s cup of tea (Idiom)

In this spoken English lesson from Daily Video Vocabulary, you will learn how to use the idiom ‘To be one’s cup of tea’. There are certain things you really enjoy doing and find great pleasure in pursuing them. You enjoy it because you like it or you are good at doing those things. It could be a hobby, an activity or work related. Likewise, you don’t enjoy doing certain things because they don’t interest you or you are just not capable enough of doing them

The idiom ‘to be one’s cup of tea’ basically means that you really like doing something or you are good at doing it. To be not one’s cup of tea is exactly the opposite. It means something that you don’t like, it’s not your favorite thing or you’re not good at it. So, this idiom could be used in both the ways. When you find a task, topic or something that is well suited to your experience, it means that it is your cup of tea. This is because it is to your liking or you are capable enough of doing it. So, when a task isn’t your cup of tea, it means you’re incapable of performing the task.

For example, if you dislike working with technology and you are not very tech savvy, it means it isn’t your cup of tea. This is because you are not good with technology or you don’t enjoy dealing with it.

Example Sentences for practice:

Example 01: For people who fear heights, sky diving isn’t their cup of tea.

Example 02: Watching thriller movies is Nancy’s cup of tea. She’s bored of romantic comedy movies.

Example 03: Owning a private charter is everyone’s dream but buying one is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Example 04: Benny is nervous and feels that presenting in front of a huge audience isn’t his cup of tea.

Example 05: Solving puzzles in news papers is Marc’s cup of tea as he enjoys it more than playing games on his phone.

Example 06: When Ben was caught making excuses to his mother, he realized that lying wasn’t his cup of tea.

Example 07: The most senior doctor at the hospital decided to take over the critical accident case as he knew it was only his cup of tea.

Example 08: James resigned as a salesman as travelling all day wasn’t his cup of tea.

Have you identified what’s not your cup of tea?


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