Common & Silly mistakes made in spoken English

This English speaking lesson is about the common mistakes made in spoken English. Sonia your Spoken English teacher, will discuss with you some common examples of the mistakes made while speaking English and help you understand the correct usage of some common everyday English conversation words.

Amount v/s number
Amount  how much – uncountable
I’ve reduced the amount of tea I drink.

Number – countable
The number of participants is high.

Among – more than two
We divided the money among ourselves

Between – 2 or 2 groups
Tom was sitting between John and Maria.

Bring – to the speaker
Please bring the documents here.

Take –away from the speaker
Please take the files away from my desk

Further –more or longer time for example
Do you have any further questions?

Farther – far away
The shopping complex is farther away from here

Fewer- countable
I have fewer projects than her

Less – uncountable
The memory on the smartphone is quite less.

So these are the examples of some common mistakes that can be easily avoided. We hope that this English speaking lesson was helpful. Come back for more lessons.

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