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We often find ourselves stuck in the middle of a conversation that we want to escape without being rude, as we may need to do another task or it could simply be boring for us. In such circumstances, we need to employ some strategies to gracefully exit conversations politely. This is Michelle and today I have brought for you some communication skills tips to help you exit conversations without being rude or offending someone. You are watching Skillopedia- the place to learn skills for the real world.

  1. Introduce a Conversation Partner

The best way to escape a conversation is by introducing your partner to another person so that they can continue chatting and you can find your way out.

  1. Make Offers

If there is no one around you to introduce them to then you could offer them drink or food, most likely they would deny your offer and you could leave to get one for yourself but never to return.

  1. Fake a Call on Demand

These days technology really comes in handy. Fake an important call on your phone and pave your way out of the conversation.

  1. The Nature is Calling Me

A natural excuse might help you if you cannot fake one. Excuse yourself to the restroom in a boring conversation.

  1. Use Natural Realization

This means you could realize something instantly. Like forgetting or remembering a task you needed to finish. This works best when you want to escape a phone call.

  1. Make them feel Important

If you wish to exit the conversation gracefully, you need to make the other person feel important by repeating what they say or making them feel heard and then paving your way out.

  1. Look for Lulls in conversations

A quite natural way of exiting a conversation is to look for lulls i.e. pauses in a conversation. So, when someone is talking, look for the pauses and then make your way out of the conversation.

  1. Bring on the Full Circle

You can do this by returning your conversation to the point where it started. This will help the other person realize that you both have talked about the topic and now you could move on to meeting other people.

  1. Ask to Stay in touch

When you tell someone “stay in touch” they usually understand that it’s the end of your conversation with them.

  1. Request a Business Card

This is another way to show a person that now you would like to move around and make other contacts in a networking event. However, don’t ask for a business card just for the sake of it and then stuff it in your pocket. As soon as they give you their card, stay there read it and mumble to yourself, so you make them feel as if they are an important contact to you.

  1. Use the Magic of “but”

When you use “but” in a conversation, it can be a step towards a new topic or a step to move out of a conversation.

  1. Do what you’ve said!

So when you exit the conversation using any of the excuses I have shared with you in this session, it is necessary that you do what you have said, which means if you said that you need to grab a drink, you should actually go and get one. Otherwise all your effort to exit the conversation “gracefully” will go down the drain.

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