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Do you always get confused between the words ‘Especially’ and ‘Specially’? These two are highly confusing homonyms in English and people often make common grammar mistakes while using the. In this English grammar lesson, you will understand the difference between them and learn how to use them in English conversations and writing. I am Sara, your English teacher. I am a native English speaker and I have a clear British Accent ( received pronunciation RP), a modified modern English accent. I am sure my accent would be helpful to improve your listening skills and correct your pronunciation mistakes as well. Let me know in the comments, if you have any doubts, I would be happy to help you. Do watch my other lessons to improve your English and speak English fluently and confidently.

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Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Specially and especially –  two English words, do you often get confused using them while writing or speaking English.  These two words are highly confusing homonyms and most of you don’t understand which one to use when,  in a sentence. The pronunciation is specially and especially, one more time, specially.. especially. Great!

Take a look at this sentence –

The app is specially designed to track the location of the stolen phone.

The app is especially designed to track the location of the stolen phone.

Is there a difference between the two sentences? Or Do you think both the sentences mean the same thing? Think about it? Confused? Well, don’t be, keep watching this lesson until the end as I will teach you when and where to use these words, so you can use them without making any mistakes.

So have you noticed the difference between the two sentences? Not yet. Let change this sentence a bit, so you can understand the difference between specially and especially.

  • The application is specially designed to track the location of the stolen phone, especially when the phone is off.

Can you notice the difference now? Let me explain,

Specially is used to tell that something serves a particular purpose, like in this case the app serves the purpose of tracking the stolen phone.

Whereas, especially is used to emphasise, someone over something. As in this sentence, it emphasises that the app also helps tracking the location when the phone is off. It highlights it’s extra feature, there are many apps that track the location of a stolen phone, but this app, tracks the location even when the phone is off.

Both these words are adverbs and are used at different positions in this sentence. Where specifically indicates- Specifically and Especially refers to a particular feature in the app.  I hope you understood the difference.

Let’s look at some more example sentences, to understand it better.

These medicines are specially made to boost immunity, especially against covid 19.

There are many medicines in the market to boost immunity, but these medicines are exceptional, they help to boost immunity even against covid 19 virus. I am sure you must have seen many advertisements claiming that these days.

The train has a distinct objective to help people with disability, but it has some special features that make helps people on a wheel chair travel comfortably.

I hope now the difference is pretty clear.

Now, let’s look at where and how  to use specially and especially. First let’s have a look at specially.

There are three ways to use specially,

1st For a distinctive purpose.

She came to London specially to see the Buckingham palace. Here it show’s her distinctive purpose to visit London, that is To see the Buckingham palace.

You can borrow my laptop for your exams, and you don’t need to buy one specially.

Here, someone is advising someone that they don’t need to buy a new laptop for their exams ( that’s the special purpose, why someone needs a laptop) they can instead borrow it and save money.

2nd It’s used to show something is done in a  special manner.

The celebrity was teated specially at the store. It indicates that the celebrity was given a special treatment at the store. I usually happens, when a celebrity visits the store. Doesn’t it?

Now let’s looks at the uses of Especially.

The fist use is to say – Very much, extremely or To a great extent.

We are especially fond of spicy non vegetarian food.

Here someone is fond of non vegetarian food, but they like it to be more spicy. They prefer it to be spicier.

That’s the first use, to explain the extent of something or to simply say very much.

The second use it to say – Particularly or for a certain reason.

Take a look at this example.

   I made the purchase for particular reason, so when you do something for a certain reason, you can emphasise it using especially.

The third use of especially is to indicate a characteristic, idea or quality. 

People with Comorbidity are especially prone to get infected with covid19.

Here it explains that people with previous health conditions such as, asthma, diabetes are more likely to get infected with the virus. I am sure you have heard this on many news channels.

Let’s look at one more example –

I am sure, it’s easy to understand. From all the ideas that were presented, the CEO emphasised on the the feature that was social media friendly. Of course, smartphones need to have better social media features to become a hotcake product in the market.

Here’s a quick tip to the remember the difference between these two confusing English words.

First is meaning – The word ‘specially’ is used to mean for a particular purpose. Whereas, We use ‘especially’, when we single out someone or something over the rest.

Specially describes something that is distinct, especially means something exceptional.

I hope now you know how to use specially and especially correctly. That’s all for today. I will see you soon with another English lesson, until then, keep learning, keep practicing English. Bye.

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