Everyday English Idioms With Hair For Use In Conversation | Speak Fluent English

In this spoken English lesson by Niharika, you will learn some interesting and funny idioms & expressions used in daily English conversation. Practice these English idioms and use them in your daily spoken English to speak fluent English confidently.

Bad hair day
Meaning – A day in your life on which everything seems to go wrong.
Example – What have I done to upset Martha? Nothing, she’s just having a bad hair day.

Let your hair down –
Meaning – To relax and do what you want. To enjoy and stop worrying
Example – The party gives you a chance to let your hair down at the end of the week.

Tear one’s hair out-
Meaning – If you tear your hair out over something (problem), you are worrying a lot about it or agitated with it.
Example – She’s been tearing her hair out to fix the computer the entire week.

Not turn a hair-
Meaning – Someone having no reaction or emotions to what’s happening around.
Example – I was expecting him to be angry when he saw the credit card, but he didn’t turn a hair.

Make hair stand on end-
Meaning – To cause someone to be very frightened or terrified.
Example – The horrible scream made my hair stand on end. The ghost story made our hair stand on end.

Split hairs-
Meaning – To play close attention on unimportant things or issues.
Example –  They don’t have any serious differences. They are just splitting hairs.

We hope you found this lesson extremely useful and that you would use these interesting English idioms in your English conversation. Subscribe to our channel and stay updated with all the latest lessons.

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