08 interesting expressions with MAKE used in daily conversation.

This English lesson is all about how to use the word make in different expressions and phrases which can be used in daily English conversation.

You can use the phrases in different everyday situations. A few examples are given below.

Make a difference – bring about a change

Example: Exercising and eating healthy will always make a difference in a positive way to one’s health.

Make a promise – assure someone that something will be done

Example: I make a promise to never be late again.

Make a fortune – earn a huge amount of wealth by one’s own effort

Example: Peter made a fortune by working hard for almost a decade.

Make a toast– expression of goodwill or honour

Example: My best friend made a wonderful toast at his brother’s wedding.

Make friends – form a friendship

Example: It’s important for children to make friends at school.

To make the bed – to arrange the bed in a neat and tidy way

Example: I always tell my daughter to make the bed every morning.

Make a discovery – invent/find something new

Example: Newton made a discovery that is well known till date.

Make an excuse – give a reason

Example: Even though Chris comes late every time, he manages to make an excuse easily.

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