Figurative Expressions with the word ‘Thing’.

In this spoken English lesson you will learn how to use the word ‘Thing’ figuratively in your English conversation. The word ‘THING’ is very commonly used in the English language. It is used when we talk about something that does not have life or something which may not have a particular name. However, this word thing or the word things can be used in various useful English expressions, let’s see how.

What do you think of the whole… thing?

Use this phrase when you want to ask someone for their opinion on a topic.
Example: What do you think about the whole taxes thing?

This whole…. thing looks messed up

Use this phrase to talk about an issue/problem
Example: This whole virus thing looks messed up.

The thing is that

Use this phrase to explain something
Example: The thing is that I have a very important client meeting to attend so I can’t attend the party.

The funny thing is that

Use this phrase to talk about something that happens which is unexpected
Example: The funny is that I forgot to get my purse even though I knew I had to go shopping.

Here’s (here + is) the thing

Use this phrase to make an offer/ ask for a favor
Example: Here’s the thing I will give you 60% of the profit if you help me run the business.

How are things?

—use this phrase to ask how are you? Or how is everything?
Example: Hi peter, how are things?

Things are looking up

Use this phrase to say that everything is going well in life
Example: Things are looking up, I just got promoted and also bought a new house.

Things are pretty bad

Use this phrase when you are in a tough phase of life/things are not very good
Example: I just got fired, things are pretty bad right now, but I’ll be okay.

The great thing about …. is

Use this phrase to talk about something very positive
Example: I have just joined yoga class and the great thing about Yoga, is that it makes you feel so fresh.

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