English Vocabulary to talk about Facial Hair ( Moustache styles & Beard styles)

Hey English Learners, welcome to another free English lesson. In this Spoken English lesson, you are going to learn to talk about facial hair. You would come across some interesting  English vocabulary to talk about different facial hair styles and what are they actually called.

For styles and vocabulary from this lesson refer to the image below.

Eyebrows –  A thin patch of hair which is just above your eyes. The area above your eyes and below the forehead is called as brow.Idiom – To raise the eyebrows.
Example – The way she walked raised a lot of eyebrows.

  • Sideburns –  Sideburns are hair in front of the ears and go up to your jaws.
  • Moustache  – Hair that grows above your lips ( Mostly for men)a. Chevron – A thick patch of hair that is well trimmed is called the Chevron style.
  • Pencil – A very thin moustache is called as a Pencil style.
  •  Handle –  Thick moustache with curved ends is called the handle style. It’s also called as the English moustache.( But English moustache is thin at the end and not curved)d.
  • Fu-Manchu – Also referred to as the famous Chinese Mongol moustaches
  • Beard- Hair that grows on the man’s face.
  • Stubble- When someone hasn’t shaved for a day or two, the beard with tiny dots is called as Stubble.
  • Full- Fully grown hair on the face is called as a Full beard.
  • Goatee- Hair that is grown over the chin area is called as Goatee style.Mutton chops-  Hair that is grown on the side of the face and the chin is shaved off, is called Muttonchops.
  • Soul patch – Tiny patch of hair ( mostly triangular in shape) just below your lower lips is called a soul patch.

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