From Failure to Success – 4 Steps to overcome failure & Be Successful

Ever wondered how successful people turn their failures into success. What is that they do differently that helps them convert failure to success. In this motivational video by Michelle at Skillopedia learn 4 mantras about how successful people think and convert every obstacle in their way to reach their goals even if they fail. These steps are easy to follow and you could start applying them instantly to be successful.

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Complete Video Transcript –

Hi guys, thank you for watching my sessions on Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world. I really want to thank you today, yeah for all your appreciation and all the comments that I read on my posts. Okay recently as I was going through the comments, one of you have made a great request and it read, hi Michelle, that’s my name for those of you who don’t know okay so it read, “hi Michelle can you share some ideas about how to turn every failure into a success.” And so I realized yes, failure is a real-life problem and it requires a real-life solution on a real channel that teaches real skills for the real world. Okay, that’s getting into too much reality. So let’s start our mission to turn every failure into a success through some advice that I have got for you. It’s free advice so take it and grab it, here we go.

Okay, let me start with a question. Do you talk to yourself like in the mirror while doing some work or maybe when you’re organizing an event? And you go like I have to call the chair guy, the catering needs to be done and gosh I still haven’t decided my outfit for the evening. Do you do that? I do it real often. No, I’m not crazy. I’m normal but if you don’t do it, I’ve got my doubts. Mm-hmm… anyways, let me get to the point. While we often talk to ourselves, we often say negative things to ourselves. Of course like blaming ourselves and holding ourselves responsible for whatever went wrong in our lives, isn’t that true? We often say statements like, it’s all because of me. I hate myself. I don’t deserve her. I’m such a big mess. My life is never gonna get better. If you identify with any of these statements, I must warn you, that you are going down the dangerous road. Talking negatively to yourself might be the cause of all your failures as you have become your best discouragement instead of encouragement. So what should you do? Well if you find yourself in a situation like this, the solution is, to be careful about how you talk to yourself because you are listening. Self-talk can be extremely damaging especially after a failure. So you must handle your self- talk with care and you must not allow yourself to make yourself feel worthless especially after a failure. You have to discourage negative thoughts and don’t rent them any room in your mind. Remember that’s the devil talking. However, if you try to stay positive by thinking about what you have got than what you have lost, it will be easier for you to get back on track.

So I was still for a few seconds. I was not doing anything. I was not moving and I wasn’t losing anything but there was one thing that I was losing. What do you think? It’s time. So this is how the normal human brain works after a failure. So right after you fail, you think okay I won’t try again and that way I won’t even lose. Well is that true? Does that happen? Do you not lose anything by not trying? Of course, you lose an opportunity to be successful. You’re losing your precious time. You’re losing your confidence. In my opinion, it is better to fail than to not try. I mean it’s okay if I don’t get the job let me at least apply. Then your devil brain goes what if my application gets selected and I get rejected at the interview? Now I’m not gonna apply. Well if you get rejected so be it. It’s not what the destiny has for you but at least you tried and gained something called as experience and you did not lose your opportunity to be successful by just not trying.

The third thing to remember when trying to turn your success into failure is to persevere. Now, what is this ware? You must have heard of hardware, software but what is persevere? Well, let’s look at the dictionary. So persevere by definition is continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success. So do I need to say more? When you wake up every morning, you think what do I need to do today while sipping your cuppa cappuccino? Well, the answer is today you need to persevere. This has to be your life story if you really want to make a difference in your life, in your family’s life or in the lives of those around you. You have to persevere, you have to continue even in the face of difficulty, even when you feel that you’re not really becoming successful you have to continue. You have no option to stop. Don’t stop because you can’t see yourself losing weight persevere and you will. Don’t stop if you can’t see yourself achieving your financial targets persevere. Don’t stop if you’re taking too long to learn English, persevere. Don’t quit, if your new job is too demanding and you know it persevere. It will only create a new a weight of experience which will help you later in your life. So what do you need to do today and every day? You need to persevere.

One is a soldier but three is an army. Think of this, if I send a soldier to fight a battle alone. Hmm… He would lose but with an army, he can fight the battle and who knows maybe even win. This is the importance of an army. A soldier needs support to fight a battle and so do you to achieve your targets. I am trying to say that you can’t do it alone. Yes, you cannot and you don’t have to. Sometimes our failures keep us stuck in our old ways and we need support to help us get past our bad habits like laziness, procrastination, talking negatively about ourselves. The worst thing we can do is think we need to handle this alone. So you need to confide in a friend, which means you need to share your problems with a friend, a coach or a mentor who you think will provide you with the correct support because they have the correct experience and zeal to keep you motivated. So the thumb rule is don’t go to a battle alone. Take your friends along with you. So here we are learning ways to turn failures into success. If we look closely failure is the way to success. So don’t be shocked if you fail. You are actually on your way to success. Just don’t stop and remember what do I have to do today? Persevere; I don’t have to stop in the middle of difficulty.

Thanks for staying with me till the end. Your comments and your support is always noted and appreciated. So keep posting your comments and thank you for making me choose this topic. See you all very soon in another lesson on Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world, till then take care and have fun bye-bye.

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