Flummox – English Vocabulary Lesson # 117

There are times you are tempted by something and find it very hard to hold back. The word ‘entice’ means to attract or tempt someone to do something. When you are tempted and can no longer resist doing something, it means that you are enticed. So if something is enticing, it attracts you by offering advantages or pleasure.To attract someone, you make something more desirable and appealing than it actually is.

For example, when you walk into a mall and get the smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns and chocolate chips cookies, you are so tempted and actually find it hard to resist them. It means you are enticed by their smell and now desire eating them.

The word entice is a verb as it shows the action of tempting or attracting.

Enticing is an adjective as it describes something of being attractive, tempting or irresistable. Enticingly is an adverb as it describes an action being done in a tempting manner.

Example 01 : Kelly was enticed to overhear Marc’s conversation with his girlfriend.

Example 02 :To keep him calm before his vaccination, the vet enticed the dog with a piece of meat.

Example 03 : Veronica always sings enticingly at the night club.

Example 04 : Low fat yogurt entices fitness freaks with its health benefits.

Example 05 : The young boys were enticed on seeing different flavors of ice cream  at the ice cream shop.

Example 06 : Continuous travelling to different destinations, high salaries and good perks have enticed a lot of people to join the aviation industry.

Example 07 :To catch mice, a piece of cheese is placed in the mouse trap to entice them.

Example 08 : Daniel proposed his girlfriend and enticed her into marrying him by making false promises.

Example 09 : Kevin tried really hard to avoid the enticing alcohol that was kept in front of him.

What is the thing that has enticed you the most?

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  • the variety of English resources and programs flummoxed me, as I have no idea which one I should follow to the end.

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