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Pronouncing Silent Letter Words in English.

[Hey! it’s time for another spoken English lesson from Learnex -Free (ESL) English lessons online. In this free English lesson by Niharika you will learn how to pronounce English words which have silent letters in them. We often make mistakes pronouncing these words correctly. This English lesson will certainly help you to improve your English pronunciation.

Many words in English have silent letters. Silent letters are letters that you can’t hear when you say the word but when you write or read the word the letter is present. In this English pronunciation lesson you will improve your spelling and pronounce the words with silent letters (B,D,G,H,K) correctly. Below are few examples of the silent letter words :-

Silent B – Bomb , Climb , Doubt, Thumb , Subtle

Silent D – Handkerchief, Sandwich, Wednesday

Silent G – Cologne , Sign , Campaign , Foreign

Silent H – Anchor , Honest , Honour , Hour

Silent K – Knee , Knock, Knife, Knowledge , Knuckle

If you want to grow your love towards English spelling and pronunciation, I would recommend to practice pronouncing these English words words with silent letters, practicing these words would certainly help you to speak English correctly.

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  1. omardad says:

    well presented and best lesson from Niharika, Really she made me laugher, while i was reading her Unique lesson, indeed, i just liked her presentation and the personal stutes like laughing and so on withing her expelaination


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