09 commonly misused phrases in English

 In this English lesson you will learn all about common misused phrases in English. We use these English phrases, maybe unknowingly or are accustomed to use them, but now it’s time to correct your mistake and stop using them as they are redundant. In spoken English lesson Sonia will teach you why these phrases are incorrect and how you should avoid these incorrect English phrases in your English speaking. misused phrases in English  free English lessons 

Mother promise

There is no such phrase as mother promise in the English dictionary. If you want to promise someone something you can simply say “I promise that I will not forget this.”

Cousin brother/sister

There is no such phrase as cousin brother or cousin sister. A cousin is the child of one’s aunt or uncle. So if you wish to introduce a cousin you can say, “he or she is my cousin” and state the name instead of saying brother or sister.

Good name

Well that there is nothing like a good name or a bad name given to someone. A name is just what it is. So instead of saying, “What is your good name?” you can just ask, “Hey what is your name?”

Revert back

Revert means to reply back to someone. Hence, if you say revert back you are simply using any extra unwanted word. Instead, all you need to say is please feel free to revert with your questions if you send someone an email.


A picture is a drawing or a painting. So if you are going to a theatre you would go to watch a movie or a film not a picture.

Mention not

This is incorrect. If someone says thank you, you can just say welcome or it’s my pleasure in response.

Pass out

Means to become unconscious when you are really drunk. So sometimes we say that I have passed out from college that is incorrect. You should just say, “I graduated from college.”

Cheater cock

Cheater- one who is dishonest, so you should just say, “He is a cheater.”

Would be

Sometimes you introduce your to be wife or husband as a would be which is incorrect. All you need to say is fiancée (to be wife) or fiancé (to be husband).

We hope this Spoken English lesson has helped you to get rid of these incorrect English phrases and you would immediately stop using them in your English speaking. misused phrases in English

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