07 Interesting ways to use ‘FIT’ in English conversation

Hey subscribers, welcome to yet another free English lesson from Let’s Talk English speaking institute. In today’s English lesson with Niharika, you will learn how to use the very common word ‘FIT’ in 07 different ways. English language is always evolving and so is the vocabulary bank. This free English lesson will teach you some interesting and figurative ways to use the word FIT in your daily English conversation. Practice the vocabulary and phrases you would learn from this lesson in your everyday English to improve your English fluency.

Complete Lesson Transcript –

English can be confusing at times because there are so many words that can be used in different ways. In this lesson today, we are gonna look at the lovely word, fit and we’re gonna learn how to use it in different ways.

Hi friends welcome back, I am Niharika. Well in today’s lesson we are gonna look at the word fit in English that can be used in a lot of different ways. Now there are many words in English that can be sued in different ways. In this lesson today, we are particularly gonna try to fit the word, fit in different English expressions and learn how to use it in your conversation. So, we are gonna look at the first expression that we have here on the board which is, fit and healthy. Now when do you use this expression or when do you use the word, fit? Well, when you are in good health. When you do not have any medical issues, any medical complaints and you are physically fit, that is when you say that look at that girl, she looks really fit to me. So when you are in good health, you use the word, fit and it’s important for us to exercise on regular basis and of course eat healthy food to stay fit, right? So, this is the way, you can use the word, fit.

Let’s move on to another expression which is, will it fit? When do you use this? Well, you use the word fit when you are talking about the right size or the right shape that it is intended for. For example, you go to a store and you love a T-shirt for yourself and try it on and then you feel that maybe it’s just too tight for you. So you’re gonna use the word, fit. You’re gonna say, the T-shirt doesn’t fit me well or probably, the T-shirt is way too loose. So you can again, use the word, by saying that, it doesn’t fit me well. So when something is of the right size or the right shape that is intended for, you use the word, fit. You go buy shoes, you try it on and if it just fits perfectly, you’re gonna say, hey look, it just fits me very well, right? So that’s how you can use this word.

Let’s move on to the third expression which is, fit the bill. Now someone who fits the bill has all the qualities that are required for something. For example, the new Vice President of the company just fits the bill. Now it means that this Vice President, who has all the qualities and has a great experience to do good for this company. So you are appreciating his qualities and that’s exactly the reason why you’re using the expression, he fits the bill. So to fit the bill can be used for someone who has all the qualities and of course experience to do great, alright?

Let’s move on the fourth expression, which is, to fit something. Hmm… to fit something. So here I’m talking about, to fit a device. So when you intend to install something or to fix something, that is when you use the word, fit. For example, I need to fit in a fire alarm in my house. So, I’m thinking of installing a fire alarm. Now I’m not using the word, installing but then the other word that I can use in English, is fit. So, I’m gonna say, that I need to fit a fire alarm in my house. So, when you’re talking about installing a device or installing something or fixing something, you use the word, fit, okay?

Let’s move on to another expression, which is to have a fit. Now, this expression has two meanings, the first is used as a medical term, to describe a seizure. Okay when a person is having a seizure, you say that Oh my God, he’s having a fit, okay. So, it’s used to describe a seizure and the other way to use this expression is when someone acts erratically. Someone who just goes crazy with anger. Yes there are many people who are really short tempered and they just totally lose out and they show their anger. So you can say that, oh my God, look at him, he’s throwing a fit. So, someone who is just acting crazily, throwing tantrums and showing off that anger, you can use this expression. So for example, John threw a fit this morning, when he saw his car damaged. His car was damaged and he didn’t know who damaged it. So, of course, that’s gonna make him angry and therefore he started throwing a fit. So it means that he expressed anger.

Alright, let’s move on to another expression which has the word, fit. It is for purpose.

Now when do you use this? When someone is just well suited or apt for a purpose or for something. Now, for example, the new teacher in our school just fits for purpose. so here it means that this new teacher who’s been hired, is just so qualified and she’s just perfect with the students and she’s great with her subject that she’s teaching. So you are using the expression fit for purpose. So she is just apt for teaching students and that’s how you can use this expression.

alright and then let’s move on to the last expression that I have for you, with the word, fit, is to fit in. now there are times when you meet new people. Yes and probably you’re not very comfortable because you are meeting them for the first time. You don’t know what to talk to them and you’re not great at your social skills and you get a little nervous but if you get really friendly especially with the people whom you are meeting for the first time that is when you can use the expression to fit in. You can say, oh he absolutely fit in the crowd. So which means that you were absolutely comfortable with the new people. Like kids when they start going to school, they are not very comfortable. They are away from their parents and it’s just such a new thing for them, a new environment for them. But then eventually, they fit in. so which means that yes, it takes time but they start feeling a little comfortable with their teachers and with their friends. So they fit in, right. So that’s how you can use this expression.

So these are the 7 expressions that have the word, fit and that can be used in different ways. So start using them in your daily conversations and I’ll be back with a new lesson soon, till then you take care.

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