06 Simple Steps to look Fresh & Presentable 24/7.

In this free Personality Development video by Skillopedia you will learn 6 simple steps to look fresh & presentable 24/7.  Looking presentable is very important in today’s times, especially in the professional world. The following Personality Development tips will help you look, be  & feel presentable at all times. This is a free soft skill training series to improve your personality in the professional world.

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Be  confident :

Confidence is definitely key in everything we do & want to achieve. It is no different from looking good or presentable. It’s not entirely based on what one wears; it’s about being confident, carrying yourself with confidence, speaking confidently. These things make you look and feel presentable.

Take good care of yourself:

Now, although this is a given, it is still a point that needs to be reiterated. If you are a woman, please groom yourself immaculately. Similarly, men should take care of their grooming too like their nails, their hair, their hands etc. Personal hygiene is very important. It’s important to be clean, well dressed in clean and well-fitting clothes and to smell good.

Dress appropriately for the environment:

Dressing appropriately for the environment you are in is very important. If you are at work, formal or semi-formal dressing is preferred. At a dinner party, you may dress in a black tie and suit. Every place we visit has an appropriate dress code, and we should follow it in order to look presentable.

Exercise regularly:

Exercise is of paramount importance. Exercising keeps us fit and keep our body looking good. It enhances the health of our skin, hair and also keeps us energetic and healthy. People who exercise regularly keep their brain fast and active.

Eat well, Eat healthily:

They say, you are what you eat and it’s true. Eating healthy and in a timely manner keeps us healthy. It prevents us from falling ill. It prevents lifestyle diseases. It also gives us much needed energy and keeps us looking good.

Always be yourself:

Nothing can beat being honest, authentic and true to yourself. We all possess unique strengths. It’s important to be comfortable in our own skin, with our own personality. This ease and honesty will keep you looking presentable in the best and worst of times.

Complete Video Transcript –

So have you ever been told that you’re looking tired all the time? Or when you show up for work, you don’t look energetic or fresh enough. Being and looking presentable all the time is not always easy. But let me tell you, it’s not impossible either. So today we’re gonna discuss tips that will help you look, feel and be presentable all the time.

Alright so the first thing I’m gonna tell you about being presentable is gonna take you by surprise, coz I’m not gonna give you any grooming tips. I’m gonna tell you be confident. The first tip to look and feel presentable all the time, whether socially or professionally is, about confidence. So when you’re confident and you’re carrying yourself confidently, even if you’re not looking perfect. You will still come across as presentable, so well make sure that you stand up straight, you look upright, look all bright, happy , confident. Make sure your body language, your eye contact all of that is confident. And then probably being presentable will just come naturally to you.

Now the next tip to look and feel presentable almost all the time is pretty much logic. Its common sense, I mean to say, Take care of yourself. Now, if you’re a woman and if you’re in a professional environment, it’s very important that you take care of your skin, your hair, your appearance, your body. Which means that at almost all times, you should be smelling good, you should take care of your skin. Probably wash your face multiple times through your work day and not really start looking very tired and drawn out by the end of the day. In case you’re a man then getting regular manicures and pedicures even though you’re a guy is very important. Smelling good is important, dressing well, dressing for the environment that you’re in is very important. All these grooming tips will actually tell people that you take yourself seriously and then they will take you seriously too. And as a result, you will end up looking presentable all the time.

Now being presentable, looking good is not always only about looks, but sometimes it’s only about looks. I’m talking about dressing appropriately. That’s my next tip for you; make sure that you’re dressed appropriately for the environment that you’re in. Now if you’re out for work parties or you’re just interacting with people socially, you are gonna dress in a certain way, but if you are at work and in a professional environment then make sure that you’re dressing professionally for the occasion. Now there are sometimes when you have big days at work, like a big important meeting or a presentation. Make sure that you up your professional dressing quotient even more in those days. Dress appropriately, in fact, I would say, take it up notch and you will make a better impression.

Now the next thing, I wanna tell you about looking presentable. Well, you may not like it, you may like it, but you cannot ignore it. I’m talking about exercising. That’s right, the big E. Now for a lot of people, the big E as in exercising is a sour point. But let me tell you if you exercise regularly. You will look presentable no matter what, now there’s very simple reasons as to why exercise can make you look presentable. The first one being, It makes you look, fitter, which means you look better in whatever you wear, the second point is, It keeps your mind alert. Which means you can take more effort and always be alert towards looking presentable and the third thing is that It keeps you in a good mood, keeps you feeling good and confident and that itself can add value to the way you look, so make sure if you want to look presentable exercising it is a must.

Now the next thing I want to tell you about looking presentable is, eat well, eat healthy. Now this is an inside to outside tip, so the food that we eat has a lot of impact on the way we look, the way we feel on our personality. So if you’re eating healthy food. It’s gonna keep you looking good, looking fit, feeling good, confident, happy, having good thoughts. Basically keeping a positive attitude towards life, so don’t neglect your diet or what you eat. Make sure you combine a very good combination of healthy exercise and healthy food and that will add to your appearance. Make you look presentable.

Lastly, I have one final tip for you if you want to look presentable all the time. And this one’s probably the most important in my book. It’s basically about being yourself. It means you have to be true to yourself, true to your own unique personality, be authentic. Really, really have the confidence to bring out your unique personality in social and professional situations. When you behave like that, the first thing you’ll notice is that you don’t have any pressure to kind of get people to like you or kind of be like someone else. Coz you’re unique you’re only one single unique person in this entire universe, so why not bring that personality to the fore and enjoy it. So the more authentic you are, the more stress-free and happy you’ll be. You’ll, in fact, being a very fun personality to hang out with and sometimes being fun, being authentic; being confident can actually make you feel very, very presentable.

Well, those were a few tips that I had for you to look presentable at all times socially, professionally no matter where you are, so well some of them are easy to kind of put into practice, some of them can really challenge you, but if you actually bring all of those things together. I am promising you a very, very presentable personality. I truly hope that you’ve enjoyed watching this video. Learnt a lot from this video. This is me, Rima, I’m gonna take your leave and I’m gonna come right back with some more information for you next time. Till then all you have to do is subscribe to our channel, which is Skillopedia. The place to learn skills for the real world.

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