Fun & Quirky Ways To Wish Happy New Year 2020 | Learn English Greetings & Wishes For The New Year

New Year 2020 is just round the corner and I am sure your messages would be filled with one phrase ‘Happy New Year’, isn’t that boring and overused. Well, I have a Fun English Lesson for you to wish the New Year in a new and quirky way. These New year greetings and wishes are fun to use and you would simply love them, just be different this New Year. Also join us as we reflect back on 2019 and share with you what all we did and how was good or bad 2019 was for us.

We received some wonderful gifts from YouTube, watch the complete video as we unbox these lovely gifts. Although we had some issues unboxing these gifts, it seems we need to watch some more unboxing videos to get it right. Thank you for all your support in 2019 and we look forward to bring you more creative and fun filled English lessons in 2020. Have a splendid year ahead!

Complete Video Transcript : –

Just open a bit, just tear it apart already, yeah actually, you can edit all of this, that’s like a nice big fancy box that we have, inside… once second we’ve got to turn the upside down actually, because it’s upside down, one second, you want the other side right? yeah wait hang on leave it, let go, I mean do it again, we’ll do it again, “okay how does this look?” just great, I think you’re looking… ho-ho-ho, fun for Christmas and new year, you can record this, ready? So guys how do I look? Hey this is Ceema, hi, it’s me Niharika and we are here with one of our last videos of 2019. That’s right and since it’s almost New Year I think it’s only fair to spend this time with our lovely viewers, with you. Yes that’s right and that’s exactly the reason we have got a fun video for you, so stay tuned with us. yes and what we’re gonna do in this video is, we are gonna talk about some common ways of wishing people a new year, followed by some more quirky and creative ones. Sounds fun. But before we do that, Niharika there is something you’ve got to tell people, right? Oh yes, so for the New Year’s we have received this amazing huge box, oh my god that’s really heavy guys, I’m obviously more stronger. Well so this is the box that we received from YouTube and we are really, really excited to unbox it and we shall unbox it at the end of this video, so make sure that you do watch the complete video of ours. Yes and thank you YouTube for giving us something so amazing. Okay then so let’s talk about so common, the most common ways of wishing people a New Year, let’s talk about the more formal ones, okay? So what would you normally say Niharika to someone who wants to know what to say if they have to wish someone a new year. so when you say that you got to wish someone in a very formal manner, so that means that for example you are here to wish your colleagues at work, well you can say something as simple as “wishing you a very happy new year full of joy and happiness”. Well that’s a good one. I would simply say, “Cheers to the new year. Out with the old in with the new have a good one”. That’s a good one and well there are many, many more, but in this video we are gonna look at some quirky ones. that’s right, so in order to do that we have you know, kind of come up with a little game, so in this bowl, as you can see we have a lot of chits, now these chits only contain words, just one word and based on the word in the chit, we’re gonna have to come up with a new your expression just like that, okay? So we’re totally unprepared for this, so it may not be the best but I’m sure you can use it. Okay so I’m gonna start with the first one, I’ll just go with my favorite color. Lavender. Okay I was gonna say purple but I like lavender. So we’re gonna say well I get ‘sorry’. so sorry this is like you know when you, you have offended someone way too much this year, well you can say that, “hey happy New Year to you, well you guys have offended me way too much, and it’s time for you to apologize, right now.” so it’s a very cheeky way of wishing someone a new year’s but that’s how you can do it. Well in Niharika, is cheeky but she does not offend people too much I have to say that. Okay I’ve got the same color and let’s see the word I’ve got ‘resolution’ so well, New Year comes with resolutions right, so what would I say about that? Well this is one way to wish someone I would say, “Happy New Year only stick around those people who don’t ask you about your newer resolutions, have fun”. That’s funny well I am sure this is one of the weeks, when people are just gonna come up to you and gonna say that, “hey what’s your new year resolution?” can get pretty annoying, right? Okay I’ll go with the next one, okay the bowl is way too small, oh yeah we’re gonna manage, okay ‘beer’, okay well this is for all the beer lovers, you a beer lover Niharika? Yeah I think I am, yeah. I don’t drink way too much, I don’t like it like my body can take it, but yes I think I like beer. Okay so what do you have for that word? so with ‘beer’ maybe you can go with, “I promise not to drink beer anymore since it is just before 12, maybe I can go with another one, so cheers to that” and wishing you a very happy new year. How typical, how typical of beer lovers. Yes and anyway and let me try hmm. ‘old’ well this makes me feel a little old, but well since we’re talking about New Year, of course, things that I’ve gone past are pretty old, so I might say something like, well “Happy New Year, you have the New Year, but don’t forget that I am your old friend” or I’m your old girlfriend, so if you have your, if you’re wishing your wife you can say well Happy New Year but don’t forget I’m your old husband. But you’ll never change, right? Yes I agree to this. Well let’s go with another one, okay let’s see what do I have well ‘spend time with people’, social media guys, so nowadays if you really see that people are throughout on their phones, and not with your loved ones. I mean even if they are with their loved ones but they are on their phones, so I think the way you can wish people is that, “hey guys wishing you a very happy new year, well I really hope that you spend more time with your loved ones and not on your phone.” well that’s a good one because I think we have more of social media friends and less of real friends, right? So this year I think it’s time to make real friends. okay which brings me to the next word which is ‘quitter’, okay I’m no quitter, okay but and if I was gonna really wish someone in a very cheeky way I would say something like, “well I was gonna quit all my bad habits, but I’m not a quitter, so I’m not gonna make any resolutions this year, happy New Year to all of you.” that’s funny well here’s another one which is, ‘success’ well success if you would like to wish someone in a very funny manner, so you can say that, hey wish very Happy New Year but you already are way to successful, so it’s time for wishing me success, right? Okay well you’re wishing yourself, that’s great. Yeah, why not? Yeah I’m selfish. okay hmm well I get ‘drunk’, oh well let me tell you I don’t get drunk very often, but if I were to wish you based on this word I would say something like, “before I get drunk and before I lose my phone, I want to wish you all a very happy new year before the clock strikes 12:00 Happy New Year guys have a fun time.” Alright here we go with the next one, well let me see what do I have, ‘dog’, oh well I am a crazy, crazy dog lover so, well you know how dogs are, I mean their unconditional love isn’t it, it’s just so amazing, it’s just so heartwarming. She’s got four, for the record. Yes so if you would like to wish someone well you can say that, “hey happy New Year to you and hope you receive and you give unconditional love to your loved ones just like your little dog.” yeah well I’m not sure if it’s possible, but you know… yeah we can always try yeah. Dogs love more than humans, don’t they? Yes. Okay oh I like this word the next one’s ‘change’. Well what would I say for that? Well I could say something like May you change as much as you change your DP.” ha-ha. You know I think people change their DP all the time. Yeah. But change is kind of more gradual so I hope everyone changes as much as they change their social media profile. And for good. And for good that’s right. Okay, thank you, okay well here’s the last one from my end and oops well that’s ‘weight’ okay now be very careful when you use this for someone wishing in New Year’s because people do get offended, but if you’re doing it for your friends, well it’s alright you can just say that, “hey hope you lose some weight this year, wishing you a very happy new year.” I hope these are very quirky expressions that you can really use when wishing people who are close to you, you don’t have to stick with the boring formal ways of doing that, okay? So now we’re gonna reflect back on what happened in the in the past year, because it’s time to always reflect and see what we’ve accomplished, right? yes so how the year really went and how good or how bad it was for us and for you guys, and in fact I am gonna ask some questions to Ceema and Ceema probably you can ask me some questions about 2019 and along with that even you guys can answer these questions in the comment box, I mean we would love to know how 2019 was really for you. so I’m gonna start with uh let me see, so we’ve got some questions out here, so Ceema “tell me something that you have learned that you really didn’t know before?” well I love to learn new things and this year I managed to learn some Spanish. It’s always been a goal of mine so, “yo habla Español” oh my god that sounds amazing. I have to tell you this, that if I can learn Spanish, I think you guys can learn English because no one speaks Spanish in my country and I managed, so I think anyone can learn English, right? Yes have you been Netflixing a lot? A little bit. Alright. Okay so the next question for Niharika is, “which is the best or the most favorite place you’ve visited this year?” well 2019 was all about travel for me, I really, really travelled a lot and I think one of the most amazing and magical places that I visited was turkey. Yes people were really nice, the weather was great the food was great, so I would go with Istanbul, Turkey. Niharika travels a lot, Niharika, how don’t you have a travel blog, I mean why don’t you have one? Someday, someday I will. Right, so um yeah the next question. Okay Ceema so “tell me the best advice you received”. well I think the best advice I’ve received is to just ‘be myself’ to just go with the flow and not care about things too much, because sometimes I worry too much, you know so just be myself and just take a chill pill, just be cool. And who gave you this advice? Oh well one of my friends did and yeah it was it was good advice. Yes I’m sure she loves you. Alright here’s the next one. Okay well this is the question for Niharika because we’re gonna see “the best compliment that she’s received”, she receives a lot of compliments so. well I love receiving compliments, yes I mean it just totally makes my day you know, so one of the best compliments that I received this year would be, yeah I mean you know I was traveling to Dubai this year and someone just said that, he cracked his interview just by watching my lessons and I think it was just so nice of him to even mention that. That’s fantastic, and it’s great. Okay so Ceema tell me, I would go with “which is the best movie of the year 2019?” I’m a complete movie buff by the way and I’ve watched more than maybe 20 movies this year, but the best one I’ve watched is ‘Knives Out”, you’ve gotta watch it. A very gripping murder mastery. Yes. Okay so Niharika “the most memorable day of the year”. a memorable day, well I would go with the when I got a very, very cute little dog, yeah it was just couple of months ago and she is really, really sweet and adorable, she’s still a puppy and I have named her ‘butter’. That precious butter. Okay then. So Ceema tell me um “when did you laugh the hardest?” actually we did that together. Oh we did? Yeah we did because when we were going to a city called Delhi for a YouTube fest. um you know I was I was supposed to say something in Hindi and the camera was just turned on me and I said something very weird, but we all ended up laughing at me and I laughed myself but I really had a great hearty laugh. It was funny, yeah. Well she sounds a little funny when it comes to Hindi, so yes we all know. Because I can speak Spanish I will learn Hindi one day. I’m sure she will, just like you guys, the way y’all are learning English, I’m sure she will also learn, and be a little better in Hindi. Hey that was real fun but now it’s time to do something that our viewers are waiting to watch. Yes we are gonna unbox this amazing huge gift, Alright okay Ceema I need your hand for this. Okay there we go. Alright so we’re gonna unbox this box and I am really excited, I am so keen on the things that we have received. The box is really nice and fancy, it says well of course it shows, YouTube and it says that ‘you deserve something special’ oh that is so sweet. Okay so let’s have a look Ceema the things that we received. Okay the box says, ‘being awesome is exhausting’ right so, it’s ‘time to relax and recharge’ that is so thoughtful, thank you YouTube. Thank you. Okay do you want to read this Niharika? oh well it says hey there as we look back on 2019 we are all are inspired by your creativity and dedication to your craft and your community and thank you for a great year well cheers to another great year – team YouTube. Okay so let’s see what do we have here, Wow what is that? Well, oh this is like a pullover, it’s bigger than a pullover, really? Niharika do you wanna try wearing it? Well yeah I can do that, let me see, so here it is, how do I look guys? What do you think? Well I think you look great, I mean you kinda look like Santa Claus. I do ho-ho-ho. okay that’s a pullover, okay let’s see what else is there in it, okay um well we have a face mask, it says that this is gonna help us upgrade our skin. Oh that’s nice, I like that, I’m gonna try that tonight. You have to, yes. Okay let me see what else do we have, okay oh these are YouTube socks. Well for the winters you need a pair of socks to keep you warm, don’t you? And, well we have the Ear shades which will help you work seamlessly without any disturbance, so you’re on the road or whether you’re just at home and you want to get some peace, you can just do it without. Okay here’s another thing, let me see, oh wow, get great sleep wherever you are. So it’s like a portable machine and you can listen to music while you’re traveling or sleeping, that’s interesting. Yeah definitely something that helps us sleep is definitely, something we need. Yes so this is amazing there are so many things in this box. I love the box as well and of course all the stuff that they have gifted us, so thank you so much YouTube and I hope you viewers also enjoyed the stuff that we’ve received. Thank you viewers, without you this would not have been possible, you have made it possible for us, so we want to wish everyone, a Happy New Year, we want you to stay safe and we want you to keep learning, keep practicing and make sure you do the best as far as learning English goes. Yes absolutely, and thank you so much for all your support guys and for all the love that you have given us in 2019 and past so many years in fact, and we look forward for 2020 and of course we look forward to teaching you and you guys look forward to learning from us. Happy new year once again Happy New Year everyone.

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