Giving and Receiving Compliments.

In this lesson, Ceema tells you certain points one must keep in mind while giving and receiving compliments.

The key points while  a compliment are :

1. Be sincere : Your compliment must be sincere and genuine. A spontaneous compliment is always sincere because you don’t think in advance. It should be positive and full of enthusisam.

2. Be specific : Be specific to make your compliment effective. Avoid generalization.

3. Don’t compare achievements : Compliment a person based on his/her merit. Do not compare them with others.

4. Timely : This involves giving compliments as soon as the achievement is accomplished.

The ke points while receiving a compliment are :

1. Don’t shrug off or disagree : Smile and say thank you when you are complimented. Accept it gracefully.

2. Don’t upscale (increase the value) a compliment : Don’t say you way better than the compliment given to you.

3. Avoid complimenting back immediately : When you are complimented for something, do not compliment the person back. It seems insincere and as though you are reciprocating for the sake of it.

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