Giving and Responding to news in English.

We all want to build our communication skills. There are days when you have to give or share something good that has happened in your life, to your friends, family and even your colleagues. So how do you give that big news? There are certain phrases that will help you to give or react to good news and bad news as well.

These are some phrases below that can used to share good news :-


When you have to give good news make sure to summarize the main ideas and reflect positivity in your tone

  1.  I am really pleased to tell you / inform you that……

This phrase above can be used to announce some good news. It doesn’t always have to mean that something good is happened to you directly or to the person you are sharing the news with, but simply that this news would make people happy and may be motivate them.

Example: I am really pleased to inform you that our company is been awarded for the best performance in the business world.

  1. I have got a bit of news to tell you….

When you use this expression it considered to be positive news.

  1. I have got some great/ brilliant/ wonderful news for you …

Again this expression can be used when you have something really nice to share with your close ones.

Example: I have got some great news for you, I’m pregnant.

Phrases to respond to good news :-

  • Wow that sounds exciting!
  • How fantastic / brilliant/ great news is this !
  • I am glad to hear that.
  • Lucky you!

Phrases to give bad news:-

Unfortunately bad things do happen and we all want to avoid them but then its important for us to communicate it too such as closure of a project, someone’s death or even someone being laid off.

So make sure to deliver bad news honestly and empathetically. Below are some phrases that will help you to share the bad news with people.

  • I am afraid; I have some bad news to tell you….
  • I am sorry to have to say this, but….
  • I really don’t know how to say it, but….

Responding to bad news

  • I am sorry to hear that….
  • My goodness it’s terrible news…
  • Poor you, I do sympathize you
  • That must be awful
  • That’s so unfortunate/awful/bad
  • Please accept my deepest sympathy

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