Why only 5% people are successful? 6 Daily Habits of All Successful People – The Secret Sauce

Questions every individual has is that why is success out of my reach, why are only 5% people successful and 95% of them struggle to climb the success ladder. What are the things that successful people do differently, what is the secret sauce of their massive success. Well, in this Skillopedia know 6 Game changing daily habits of all successful people. If you make these success mantras a part of your daily routine, success is not far from you. Just staying motivated isn’t enough in this competitive world, if you want to join the 5% inspirational and motivational people, then change your life with these easy to follow 6 daily habits that would change your life forever.

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Complete Video Transcript : –

Hi everyone it’s me Niharika, well today I want to talk about the one thing that we all are so desperate for. What is it? Well I am talking about success, yes that’s the key word. Now success means different things to different people, for some of you it might be a great career, for others it might be staying fit and healthy at any age and for some, success is buying their dream home or probably having their own business. But somehow the research shows only 5% of people really get hold of this illusive thing that’s, ‘success’. But then how is that possible? I mean, everyone is putting so much of hard work, you wonder why? Well the answer is, these 5% of successful people, do a few extra thing compared to everyone else. Well they don’t work harder but they engage in some smart behaviour or habits that give them an edge over others. So in this lesson today with me, we are going to find out what are these smart behaviours or habits that really helps you to become super successful.

Well the first thing that I really, really believe in is, ‘taking advantage of introductions’. Now when you introduce yourself to a person, probably at a social event or at work or at any kind of function, what do you say? Well you say, ‘Hi, how are you?’ And you just forget all about them. Now this is the biggest mistake, this is where you need to take full advantage of these introductions, now these are not just people, well they are just people you are meeting for the first time, but they can be the door to greater opportunities. So get into more meaningful conversations by asking something like, ‘oh! That is an interesting line of work, so how did you get into it?’ Well a friend of mine was an aspiring actor and he went to this arts festival and he actually got introduced to couple of people and he spoke to them so much that he actually carved a career out of acting. He stayed in contact with all of them and he would continuously follow-up with all these people. So what I am trying to tell you is, that if you want to achieve success, always take advantage of introductions, talk to people, learn more about them, connect with them and always follow-up. Remember every person you meet, is an opportunity to grow in life.

Well the second smart thing to do is reading. Yes! Most people who have scaled the heights of success, always claimed to be avid readers. Well we have always heard from people, right that how important it is to read, but then you will say that, reading can be a little boring at times, well, even I am not a big fan of reading honestly but you know something how reading helps, well it helps you build your vocabulary, your communication skills, it actually keeps you updated, so when you meet people you know you have so many things to talk about, like new concepts, new ideas and you are never at loss of words. So I would recommend that you take up the habit of reading I’m not asking you to read books having hundreds of pages and possibly you love reading but you don’t have enough time to read. Well there is a way that you can actually read any book in less than 20 minutes, don’t believe me? Well let me introduce this amazing app called ‘Blinkist’, let me actually tell you about it, well not really, let me show you that how this app Blinkist works, okay guys so this is Blinkist and like I mentioned that fit reading into your life which means that you need to start reading and how Blinkist will help you. Well it takes the best incites, the need to know information from thousands of nonfiction books and condenses down into just 15 minutes, so you can read or you can listen to the books. Now if you see that there are about 2000 or over 2500 titles and there are about 7 million users isn’t that amazing? So now guys let’s have a look how this app really works, so guys as I have already downloaded this app Blinkist, I’m gonna show you how it works well if you see there are so many categories. I mean look at this you got productivity & time management, you have philosophy, you have communication skills, you have science and so many more. So, if say for example you are interested in learning or reading communication skills, well you select the category and under this category you will see there are so many books available, I mean look at this, so many titles. So let’s say for example, you would like to read the books, ‘difficult conversations’, so I go click on this and then you have an option to either read the book or you can also listen to it. So let’s first try to read, ‘difficult conversations’, well this is how it looks like, these are the different pages of the book, and if you would like to listen to it, ‘link number four, improve the feelings conversation by exploring negotiating and sharing your feelings’ So this is like my favourite feature because, say when I’m stuck in traffic or probably I’m driving and I do not have enough time to read the book, well I prefer to listen to the book. Another feature that I really enjoy is my library, now if I really like the book, I add it to my library say for example, ‘how to talk to anyone’ so I just add it to my library you see the tick right here and then I go to my library, and book is a part of my library, how to talk to anyone, so if you see these are the books that are already a part of my library because these are the books I am currently reading or listening and so I really enjoy this feature. This app Blinkist is available on the app store as well as on Google play. Well guys this app is not free however, there is very minimal amount that you need to pay which is $7.50 that is charged monthly if you for a year subscription but if you do not go for an annual subscription then a charge of $14.99 is charged. And guess what, you also get a seven day free trial so you can actually explore this app Blinkist with zero risk, and as you are the subscriber of Skillopedia, Blinkist is offering a 25% discount on any of these plans for first hundred users. So to avail this offer what you can do is, you can click on the link below in the description and avail it right away so I really, really enjoy this app on daily basis and I’m sure it’s gonna be super helpful to you guys as well. So isn’t this like really interesting? Well like I said. I’m not a big fan of reading but this app really helps me to save time and provides me everything I need to know. So go ahead now you can start actually build a habit of reading.

So here’s another thing that successful people do, well they care for little things. Well let me tell you successful people don’t forget the little things, but then what are these little things? Well successful people will always go after the little things like remembering birthdays or anniversaries. Well they will always send a text wishing you luck or wishing you well if they know you got a new job or probably if you are sick then they will ask, well they will also remember names and details about people. These people also make sure that they do every little thing that they’ve promised. So if you wanna be successful, be a people’s person. Saying a kind word or dropping an encouraging message won’t even take like two seconds, so why don’t you do that? So do these little thing because as they say, ‘a little bit goes a long way’ in making you successful.

Now I personally believe, keeping your personal habits healthy. Yes! Now this might sound quite cliché, but hey, that’s the truth. Yes, the truth is that successful people have healthy habits. They go to bed early, they always eat healthy and they do take that extra time to exercise. You better invest in your health because you ultimately need to be in the pink of health to be successful. As simple as this sounds, how many of us actually maintain a disciplined life, where we actually do all of this? Especially if you live in a metro city, well I still struggle with sleeping for at least seven hours of a day. So guys it’s time for you to get to the basics, yes you need to get the basics right, when it comes to a successful life.

Okay friends, it’s time for you to remove the toxic people, yes time to get rid of them. If you want to be successful, you will be smart enough to know that you should always be surrounded by other people who want to achieve success. Be around the people who motivate you, people who can actually help you realise your dreams. Stay away from those negative and toxic people, even if they are your family members, yeah, there are some people who do get a little jealous, right? Now it will be a challenge to let go off some people who are really close to you but once you do it you will be glad that this decision really helped you to live a successful life.

Here’s the next one, let it go. Well I believe that to be successful, you have to be a very positive person within. Yes, most people who are great leaders know that harbouring negative emotions will never allow you to be successful. Are you still mad at your friend or a family member, for what they did to you? Well even if it’s their fault, let it go like, just let it go, forgive yourself, forgive others. If you want to achieve a bigger vision in your life, it’s time to make sure you let go off all the negative emotions like anger, bitterness, hatred towards someone. You need to focus on giving love, sharing good vibes and being at peace with everyone. Now don’t care about these little negative things in life, right? So these are some great ways from my end in order to achieve success. So please use them on daily basis and as always, thank you so much for watching me today on Skillopedia and if you haven’t subscribed yet, well it’s time for you to subscribe right now. Bye guys.

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