Hand Talk – English Phrases and Vocabulary related to hand.

Vocabulary is a very important  part of English language.  There are so many different vocabularies that we use in our daily talk. This particular lesson deals with hand vocabulary. It will teach you phrases related to hand and its usage.

To begin with: Our hand comprises of fingers, fingernails, palm, wrist etc….In fact our fingers are all so rightly named. The thumb, Index finger, Middle finger, Ring finger and the little finger. The back of your hand is called the business hand, the inside is the palm. And you have the pulse located on your wrist.

# Hanging on by somebody’s fingernails:

This is when you cannot hang onto something for a long time. And you have to let go of a situation. Also it’s an unreliable situation.

# Fingers crossed

We do it when we are eagerly waiting for something positive to happen.

Example : I have my fingers crossed.

# Fingers on the pulse-

you could say this when someone knows their job well and cannot make an error.

Example : Sam has his fingers on the pulse all the time. He can never make a mistake.

# Give somebody a finger-

lending help and letting people take advantage of you.

Example : “I gave you my finger and you took my hand.”

# On the other hand-

giving two options.

Example : I was about to message you, On the other hand I was also thinking if I should call you.

#Wash one’s hand of something-

Washing the dirt off from one’s hand/ having nothing to do with something.

Example : John’s boss washed his hands of the project.

# Iron fist in a velvet glove-

Someone who seems to be gentle but is forceful and adamant.

Example : Rony is a man with an iron fist in a velvet glove.

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  • Good topic, but some of the phrased were explained in a misleading way. Please make sure that you prepare well for the session.

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