Common Homophones in English – Write the right word

Are you confused with similar sounding words in spoken English and are perplexed what’s the correct spelling of these words in English writing. This English lesson will clear your doubts.

homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning and may differ in spelling. In this Spoken English lesson, we will have a look at some examples of homophones.

Allowed v/s aloud

  • Allowed means a permission that something or someone is allowed
  • Aloud means a lot of sounds, very loud

Complacent v/s complaisant

  • Complacent means uncritical satisfaction with oneself
  • Complaisant means agreeable or obligated

Dear v/s deer

  • Dear means when you regard someone with affection
  • Deer is an animal that has a sharp face and horns and grazes on grass

Forth v/s fourth

  • Forth means moving away from the starting point
  • Fourth refers to the number four, used in sequence

Meet v/s meat

  • Meet means to come into someone’s presence
  • Meat is the flesh of an animal or mammal

Swat v/s SWOT

  • Swat means to give sharp blow while hitting
  • SWOT stands for Strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. It is an analysis technique used by companies.

Loan v/s lone

  • Loan mean debt with interest
  • Lone means to single out something

Well, we hope that now you have a clear idea as to how homophones work and how it is very important to use the correct word, especially in the written English form so that you don’t convey the wrong message while speaking or writing English.

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