Talking about your HOUSE and It’s STYLE – Learn Interesting English Vocabulary.

In this ESL lesson, you will come across some interesting English vocabulary that you can use to describe your house or someone else’s house. A home reflects the personality of an individual and here we have some useful words to talk about beautiful homes. This English speaking lesson will teach you 10 English words to describe the feel and atmosphere of one’s house. This free English lesson would be useful to start a conversation about a house and would be a great discussion starter. Listed below are the words from this English lesson with their meaning and how you could use them in English sentences.

Cozy – warm, comfortable feeling
I like visiting Miley’s house, it is very cosy.

Rustic – a house that has a countryside theme
Peter has a rustic looking house.

Vintage – has old but valuable furniture and interiors
I have always dreamt of living in a vintage style home.

Minimalistic – very less furniture and neatly done up
I prefer to give my home a minimalistic look.

Luxurious – looks glamorous and is full of luxury
We stayed at Betty’s, she has a luxurious home.

Contemporary – that has the latest style furniture and interiors
Nowadays people prefer a contemporary look for their homes.

Elegant – very classy, tastefully done up
Sean has an elegant looking apartment.

Spacious – a house that is big and has a lot of space
If you get rid of excess furniture, the house will look spacious.

Picturesque – looks like a painting
His farmhouse has such a picturesque look.

We hope that this English Speaking lesson will help you to use better words to describe a house and improve your vocabulary overall.

Complete Lesson Transcript –

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and thought that it was so very beautiful? Well, there are many such homes which are extremely beautiful and a home actually shows a person’s personality. It shows exactly what a person likes. What are their tastes, etc.? So if you want to describe the beauty of someone’s house or if you want to tell someone how beautiful your house is or what’s the theme on which your house has been made, then you stay tuned to this lesson with me coz today we’re going to discuss what’s your house like?

Let’s look at the list of words that we have here. The very first one, it says cozy. Now cozy is a word that can be used for a lot of different things. However, it can also definitely be used to describe someone’s house or home. So at times if you go to a person’s home or their house, you find it very warm, very comfortable. You automatically feel at home at such a house. So if you get that kind of a feeling, that kind of a positive feeling from a particular home, you can say that, that particular house is very cozy. It’s very comfortable and you can say, I feel absolutely at home in that space. Alright, so cosy means which is very comfortable and it has a warm feeling. Alright, so maybe in a sentence, you could say that Mary’s house is very cozy, I love visiting her place.

Alright now the next one that we have here, it says rustic. Now what kind of a house could be called rustic? Rustic could be a house where you know the theme of the house, the furniture, the layout, it has a very countryside feel to it. Very natural, very simple and it has a slight old world charm to it. Alright, so it has a countryside theme. What you would possibly see in a house which has a rustic look is that the furniture looks very old. Alright, or you will see a lot of wooden furniture in a house like that. It has a very rustic feel.

The next word that we have here is, vintage, alright. Now vintage is an extremely classy word. When you say vintage, you think of something old, something which is timeless and yet looks absolutely elegant and absolutely beautiful. So a lot of people love to have antique furniture or antique showpieces in their house. These kinds of furniture pieces are very valuable. They are expensive and they’re extremely old as well. They are extremely well maintained. So if you have a vintage style house that means you have an excellent choice in furniture. You have some very classy furniture and there’s an absolutely beautiful look to your house. So vintage would mean that your house has possibly old but valuable furniture and the overall look. The overall styling of your house is very vintage. Alright so maybe in a sentence you could say, that Peter’s house has a vintage look to it because he loves classy old furniture.

Then we have the next word here, which is minimalistic. Alright, now minimalistic comes from the word, minimal. Minimal means as less as possible. So nowadays, a lot of people like to keep their houses very minimalistic. They like to have very basic, very just enough furniture in their house, they don’t like to overcrowd the space. They like to have their house full of space and less of things. So a house that’s minimalistic, has very less furniture, very open. Alright, and it is minimalistic by the looks of it. So in a sentence, possibly you could say that I like to keep my house look minimalistic. I don’t like it to be overcrowded with too many things.

Then we have luxurious. Now from the word itself, you can tell, luxurious comes from the word luxury. Alright so when I say, luxurious, I am talking about a house or you know a beautiful home which is extremely full of luxurious things. You know the carpets, the furniture, the walls, they just spell out beauty and they look absolutely marvelous. Everything looks really very elegant, alright. So luxurious. Luxurious can even be used for a hotel. Not necessarily only a home. Even if you know you go on a tour or you go on a trip, alright. You may stay in a luxurious hotel where everything looks just very glamorous, alright. So maybe in a sentence, you could even say, that we stayed in a luxurious hotel in Spain last year, okay. So luxurious means something which looks very glamorous or full of luxury, alright.

The next one here is contemporary. Now, this trend is also catching up a lot. Alright if you have a contemporary house that means it’s quite minimalistic in nature. So it’s similar to this kind of a house but a contemporary house will have the latest trends. The latest colours on the walls, the latest kind of furniture. Everything is absolutely with the new. You will not find you know antique looking furniture or any kind of old colours on the wall which have been used a lot. Everything looks absolutely, totally new, very contemporary, very in the now. Alright, so contemporary means the house has the latest trends. Latest colours, latest furniture, everything is absolutely new.

Then we have elegant, now elegant is again a word that is an adjective that can be used to describe a lot of things. you can use elegant to describe people as well and yes, of course, you can sue elegant to describe your house or someone else’s home. So again elegant is a home which really stands out. Alright, anytime you visit that house, it will always look very beautiful, irrespective of whenever you visited the house maybe 5 years ago, maybe 5 years down the line. This particular home will always look very elegant and very classy, alright. So an elegant home is a very classy home. You can say that it is very tastefully done up. Possibly if you know one of the people who stay in a house like this, an elegant house may be an artist’s also. So someone who is artistic by nature may have a very tasteful you know choice in colours and furniture and hence their house may look really very elegant.

Moving on, the next one we have here is, spacious. Now spacious of course comes from space. So it’s very simple to understand when I say that my home or someone else’s home is spacious. It means that there’s a lot of space to move about freely. You know maybe if there are kids in the house, they can play around freely. It’s not cluttered with too much of furniture and it’s probably really huge, really big in size as well. So a spacious house has a lot of space first, okay will possibly be big in size alright and less of furniture. So you could say that Maria’s house is really spacious and my kids love visiting her home for this reason.

And then finally we have a word here which is picturesque. So what does this word really mean? If you notice, it comes from the word picture. So a picturesque home or a place means that this particular house looks like it’s actually part of some kind of a painting. It’s so beautiful, it looks like it’s painted, it’s a drawing, and it’s a picture. It’s a work of art. Alright, that’s when you would use the word, picturesque and may be in a sentence you could say, that John’s house is so picturesque, it looks so beautiful, it looks like it’s a painting. Okay, so here it literally means that it looks like a beautiful painting.

Yes so these are a couple of very interesting words that you can use to say, what’s your house like? Or maybe to describe someone else’s house that you recently visited. so stop with the old nice and beautiful and grand, you can use better words like rustic, minimalistic, contemporary, spacious and improve your vocabulary when it comes to talking about someone’s house. Alright well, that brings me to the end of the lesson and I do hope that you enjoyed watching today. I’ll be back with something new, till then you take good care, bye.

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