How to avoid giving information? English Expressions.

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Someone prompts you to say something that you don’t want to, as you prefer not speaking about it at all:


When you are angry and you are asked something, you remove your anger in an offensive way by saying :


If someone asks you your salary, you politely decline by saying :


When kids ask you something that they are too young to know, so you tell them that you’d let them know in future :


A formal and polite way of saying you can’t disclose important information about your company :


You know about a future event and can’t say it, and you want to say let the time come :


You don’t know if it’s appropriate to let out information, so you buy time :


The rudest and the most impolite and offending way of answering a question is :


You are in a controversial discussion, you don’t want to give your inputs when asked about the same :


You want to say you don’t have the freedom to give information due to a rule:


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At times, you are asked certain questions to which you can’t let out the information due to a rule or by choice. You feel it’s inappropriate to answer and are lost for words to deal with such questions.  Sometimes, you may reply rudely which leaves a bitter taste and animosity between you and the other person.

So in this lesson you will learn certain phrases that could be used to avoid giving information politely.

 1. No comments :

When you don’t want to give an opinion on something during a discussion because it is controversial or sensitive, you can smile and politely say “No comments”. Very often, it is used by many politicians and celebrities during their interviews.

2. I’m not at liberty to say :

This is an ideal expression to use when you can’t disclose anything, probably due to a rule at your work place.

3. Wait and see/watch :

If someone asks you about a future plan or event that you know is going to take place, you can say “Wait and watch”.

4. Let me get back to you :

A good expression to use when you want to buy time as it’s too early to let out something or confirm before you say something.

5. I’m sorry, that’s confidential :

A perfect formal expression when you just can’t disclose important information about your company.

6. That’s personal :

This expression should be used when you are asked about details about your personal life, it could be your salary, relationships etc.

7. I’d rather not talk about it :

You are in the midst of a discussion and continuously being prompted to say something. You want to express that you prefer not to speak about it at all.

8. Mind your own stuff /business :

A very rude way of responding to someone. This expression is very offensive and should not be used under any circumstances.

9. I’ll tell you when you’re older :

When you are around children speaking about certain things that children needn’t know as they are too young for it, this expression works best.

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