The 5 Hour Rule for being Super Successful

In this Skillopedia video, you would get to know the 5-hour rule to go from ordinary to successful. All you need to invest is five hours a day! Believe me, it’s that easy, dedicate five hours a week to learning and improving yourself!.Take that 5-hour step and improve your personality & Confidence.

Read something new every week

Reading is a habit that really pays off in the long run, many successful people advise that one should read more .. new books new authors should be explored, they change your personality and help you grow.

Reflect on yourself

For one hour a week, start something new, experiment with new ideas, experiences, meet new people, take up new hobbies. Make sure you are out of your comfort zone so that you develop a new part of your personality.

Don’t confuse between working & learning

It’s easy to confuse working and learning; they are not the same thing. They can’t be The 5-hour rule is about deliberate learning, not about going to work every day and hoping you might learn something. Set yourself specific learning goals and give yourself time to achieve them, and you’ll see a vast amount of improvement.

Shift your focus from productivity to learning

Being productive is good but creating value is more important, you don’t have to run being accomplishing something fast.. You can invest in yourself, your learning through short , sure, daily steps. Always have a long range view and choose activities that help grow even if it is slow growth.

Reflect on yourself

We often run around doing many things but forget to introspect and reflect on our experiences, reflect should happen daily. Every morning and evening. That way we learn more about ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses. One should keep journaling to write down the lessons learnt; it can be very helpful in mapping one’s progress!

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