How to learn English the right way? Follow my 30 minutes 5 step plan

While learning English students always ask me this question – How to learn English the right way? to improve my listening, reading, speaking & Writing skills – The 4 cores of the English language. I thought why not make a video and give you my 5 step plan to English fluency that could be easily followed by giving 30 minutes every day. If you want to learn English faster and improve your spoken English, then watch this complete video and follow these English learning tips. I have personally followed these things to better my English fluency, as I am a non-native speaker. 

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Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Hello everybody, this is me Meera, your trainer for the day and today I will be talking about a solution, solution to improve your English language skills. Let me ask you a quick question, apart from watching this video, what else do you do to get one step better in English? You might think, why this question? Well that is because I know you want to become more fluent and with these five exercises every day, you will get that better and better in English. SO we need to see to it that we are training our four core skills, ‘Reading’, ‘Writing’, ‘Speaking’ and ‘Listening’. All we will do is fixed 30 minutes of our day and practice. Yes! You can do it. Probably in intervals or breaks that’s fair.

So let us begin, ‘1 table spoon of word’. How do we usually start our day? We wake up and look at our phones, right? All you need to do is download any app which will give you ‘word of the day’ everyday, a new day, every day. I will mention few app in the description box below so that tomorrow when you wake up, you will find a new word in your phone and it’s meanings as well. They will also give you examples of how to use the word in a sentence, so make sure you understand if the word is a noun, adjective, verb, etc. What is the plural of it? How to use it in different tenses? For example, today I learnt the word, ‘Carefree’. It is pronounced as ‘carefree’. It is an adjective that means I can use it to define someone’s nature or feeling. Its meaning is having no worries. I saw an example of how it is used in a sentence, “She has a carefree attitude.” Similar words which go with these were, ‘Easy going’, ‘Happy go lucky’ and few opposites, such as ‘Worried’, ‘Serious’. Well by now I have really understood the word well. It actually took me 3 minutes to read all of this and in 3 minutes I have learnt a new word. But I need to make sure I will use it today itself and for that I have to write it down somewhere.

That’s right, the next one is, ‘Notes to self’. All those who are new or good with English, all of use tend to forget new words. I’m a very forgetful person that way so I make sure that I make a note of it in my phone and I have been following this practice since many years now. Today I have a diary which I used to use in say 2009 and I have written so many words, sentences which I use in my daily conversations now. It is because of those notes and diaries, I’m able to see my journey from zero in English to being confident in the language. I’m going to add one important tip here, always learn new sentences and not just words. Just learning the word, ‘carefree’ doesn’t help me use it. So I would make sure I write one sentence as well. Watch one episode, video, song, do not make this process boring, explore, Listening to English radio station, watch series on Netflix, Amazon, YouTube like you are watching right now. Watch a movie, listen to songs, download audio stories they are very interesting. All those are available online with English subtitles. You can easily do this while eating breakfast, while sitting in the car, waiting for someone or preparing for an interview. Whenever you don’t understand anything or any word, make sure you pause, search for the meaning rewind and play again. This time you will focus on the pronunciation. observe how they used it in a sentence, by this you will be improving your listening skills and let me tell you something, out of all the many exercises I did to improve my language skills, listening carefully was very, very essential. So what I used to do was, I used to watch ‘Friends’ with my elder sisters and I couldn’t understand anything but body language, hand gestures, slowly in few years I had started understanding few sentences, just the way small kids learn languages, by listening to their family members or friends, right? Movies, series, songs really help in this journey. We humans start relating words with body language and then we also remember new words with their sound. That is why listening and observing becomes so very important. So make it fun, keep it alive.

Our next exercise is, ‘Talking to yourself’. You heard me right. I encourage this process a lot, because I have tried and tested it. Has it ever happened to you that you are just alone and thinking about something in your native language or mother tongue? Suddenly someone asks you a question in English and your response to that is, ‘um, ‘huh’ o’ what? Or you cannot put your sentences together that is because you are not habitual to think in English. Let me explain better. When you are very emotional, angry or happy which language do you think in? If your answer here is anything apart from English language, then that is the reason we are not so fluent in English. Remember that you can get better in any language only when you start to think in that language. Best exercise without feeling shy, talk to yourself. Use the word that you’ve learnt today. This will help you to train your mind and nobody will judge you, right? Feel free to exercise this, believe me it will make you super-duper confident.

This is the final stage of the exercises, you have learnt a new word in the morning, then you have made a note of it. Listened to some nice English music, watched a movie or an episode, then you practiced the word and sentence in your mind, in your thoughts, now you need to be carefree and use it in reality. Talk to someone. Give yourself time to think before you start speaking. Keep the speed of your speech slow and most importantly, just be cool, wonderful! Now that you have spoken, you will do three things, ‘Be open to get corrected by someone’ and ‘Learn from your mistakes’, ‘pat your back and treat yourself’ and the last one, ‘Repeat all the exercises the next day’

Above five exercises will make sure that you enjoy this process and your four core skills of ‘reading writing speaking and listening become strong each day. Well with this I end my session for today. Do write to me in the comment section below and tell me what you’ve learnt today. I will meet you very soon with a fresh topic until then, keep practicing, keep learning keep smiling, this is me Meera signing off for the day, bye.

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