How to pronounce the letter ‘u’ correctly in English?

Most English learners find it to pronounce English vowel sounds, and mostly the sound with the letter ‘u’. In this English Accent lesson, you will learn different sounds the letter ‘u’ makes and how to pronounce these sounds correctly in English. So let’s get started.

For all the sounds bellow you will feel the vibration in your vocal chords.

Uh  sound

But – B-uh-t

Curl – K-uh-l

Duck – D-uh-k

Lungs – L-uh-ngs

U sound

Bush – Bu-sh

Could – K-u-d

Put – p-ut

Tuna – Tune-aa

You sound

Blue – Bl-you

Cute – K-you-t

Duke – D-you-k

United –  You-ni-td

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