How to re-focus on your life again? Remove stress & depression from life.

Stress is everywhere, its rampant and part of work life today. Many people are breaking down, getting burnt out, losing their health and productivity. People’s mental and emotional health is suffering.. people are suffering from chronic fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia and other lifestyle diseases due to stress …
So much happening because of stress… so how do you de-stress and re-focus on your work?

The following tips will help you de-stress and help re-focus on your life again.

Embrace the sun -.
The sun’s rays have a calming effect on the body. Vitamin D puts you in a good mood and keeps depression at bay.Sun-rays falling on your body balance your hormones and release happy hormones. Sunlight makes you feel upbeat & positive and feels like you can take on anything in life. So yes embrace the sun and let the stress melt away.

Go Green –

It’s ok if you do not have green fingers but still, make sure you go green!  Put a couple of live plants in your office. There’s something about nature that automatically calms you down. The colours of plants and flowers act as calming colour therapy for your eyes.. if you keep staring at your computer screen your eyes feel tired, give them a break by looking nature’s green. Also tending and nurturing plants can make you feel positive and increase your self-esteem too.

Switch on your power with a power nap –
If you can lie down and take a power nap for 10 to 20 minutes, or get in a dark, quiet environment and meditate or perform deep-breathing exercises that can be a fast way to reduce stress. Research proves that a power nap increases your productivity, de-stresses you and puts you in a better mood; so choose the nap and switch on your power switch!

Run Baby Run –
Make sure that you diligently go for a run every single day. Your run can be short but need to be fast.It’s healthy to pump up the heart rate through exercise. You will feel strong, invincible and you will surely sweat out your stress and feel lighter and relaxed.
Regular exercise is good for you and it keeps you healthy and increases your mental strength.A healthy mind remains positive and stress – free.

Choose meditation & Yoga –
Meditation will calm your mind, relax your senses, detox your emotions meditate and yoga. Focus on positive thoughts; close your eyes and do visualisations. Repeat empowering affirmations. Yoga is also an enriching science, stretch out your body and keep lifestyle diseases away with Yoga.

Choose Gratitude above Attitude-
You may have heard that – Gratitude is the right attitude; so just try it … count your blessings and give gratitude for everything you have. You will be a happier, more positive person and this will keep the stress away.

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