Idioms to talk about ‘Age’

In this English lesson with me Michelle, you’re learning some interesting idioms to talk about “Age”. Use these idioms in your daily English conversation.


She’s in her early twenties. (20-23) – means the beginning of her 20’s.

He’s in her late thirties.  (37-39) – means the ending of his 30’s.

She just turned six. – means she became six years old recently.

Act your age. 

Usage: can be used when an adult is acting like a child.

Example: Child: Aw, come on! Let me see your book!

You: Be quiet and act your age. Don’t be such a baby!

I am not as young as I used to be.

Meaning: I’m old now.

Example: If you ask your grand pa to come cycling with you he might reply that.

I’m not over the hill yet!

Meaning: an informal expression to say “old”.

Example: You’re only fifty! You’re not over-the-hill yet.

He’s no spring chicken.

Usage: The phrase ‘No Spring Chicken’ is usually used in a negative way to describe someone who is no longer young, probably past his young adulthood, and sometimes doesn’t realize it and tries to look and act younger than his age.

Example: “I don’t know how old Mike is, but obviously he is no spring chicken.”

She’s wise beyond her years.

Meaning: She is young, but she has the wisdom of an old person

Example: You are definitely wise beyond your years. It seems like you know how to solve every problem. It’s amazing.

I’m having a senior moment

Meaning: I’m being forgetful.

A lapse of memory, logic or mental function which is atypical or unusual. The individual suffering the event, may not necessarily be advanced in age, although senior citizens are more likely to experience an occurrence.

Example: Mom had a “senior moment” yesterday when she added salt into milk.

He lived to a ripe old age.

Meaning: a very old age.

Example: At the ripe old age of seventy-two he was climbing around a corner of a lofty precipice of the Pic du Midi–nobody with him–when he slipped and fell.

See you soon in my next fun learning lesson J

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