Imperative English sentences in passive voice | Say ‘YOU’ without saying it

Hey, subscribers welcome to another interesting English Grammar lesson. Have you wondered how to address someone without saying ‘you’. Yes, you could do that in English with the use of Imperative English sentences. Imperative sentences are requests, commands, orders and instructions that we use in our daily English speaking. This English lesson with Rachna teaches you how to make Imperative sentences in passive voice. Learn some easy and interesting English Grammar Rules and speak English fluently and confidently.

The subject is hidden in an imperative sentence.

Example: Get out of the class! (‘you’ is hidden)

So, in this English Grammar lesson, you will learn how to make imperative sentences in the passive voice.

A very simple rule is to be followed when you make imperative passive sentences:

Let + Object + be + past participle verb (verb in the third form)

In case of a negative sentence, use:

Let + Object +not + be + past participle verb (ve rb in the third form)

Remember, the object is the person/thing on which action is done.

Active: Keep it there.
Passive: Let it be kept there.

Active: Take it home.
Passive: let it be taken home.

Active : Please help me.
Passive: Let me be helped.

Active: Do not touch it.
Passive: Let it not be touched.

Active: Do not beat the dog.
Passive: Let the dog not be beaten.

Active: Let me do it.
Passive: Let it be done by me.

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