How can I Improve my English speaking and Listening Skills Quickly and Easily?

You guys always ask me – How to quickly and easily improve English speaking and listening skills. That is a question to which an answer many want to know. Well today I will share with you some useful English learning tips that my students follow. These english tips are quite easy to follow and would improve your English speaking drastically. These are proven techniques to learn english faster and speak fluent English, but you have to follow these tips sincerely and medicate a slot for English speaking practice in your busy schedule. I am sure if you follow these English speaking tips your spoken English would not just improve, you would learn to speak English like a native English speaker and speak english confidently, In short you would start to love speaking English. One such way to learn english faster is to practice the shadowing and Imitation technique. Watch this English lesson and find out for yourself.

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Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Hey guys, welcome back you are watching me on Let’s Talk, my name is Niharika. Well today I have a question for you, now it is important that you are really honest with your answer. Deal? Okay then well here is the question. As a kid how did you learn the very words you ever knew? Did you learn it in kindergarten? Or you learn it at a playschool? Or did you actually learn it through books? Well that’s impossible you are a baby after all. Well the honest answer is that you simply heard words over and over again and there you brain picked up new words just like that. Every night during bed time your mother would say that hey honey go to bed. You listen to that and you actually learnt. And that’s exactly how you learn to be fluent in any language. So to become fluent in English, you must first learn to listen to it. So pay attention while I’ll help you learn to listen and get fluent in English just like a native speaker.

Be a Copy Cat

Now here is the first thing that you can do. Be a copycat, now you can leant to listen and understand English really well if you become a copycat. Now I am not trying to be funny, well it’s actually true. If you copy or imitate native English speakers long enough, you will start talking just like them. Now a lot of you are probably not exposed to native speakers, because you live in a non-English speaking country. Well don’t worry, you can actually speak fluent English, by learning to listen to native speakers on a personalized flexible online learning platform. Yes, that’s true. Well you can do this through a website called Lingoda. Now many of my students, have actually tried it. And I am really amazed at how much their English has actually improved. Now with Lingoda, you have the option of taking group classes, or private classes. In fact they have teachers available 24/7. So it’s actually super easy for you, you can actually schedule your class according to your time. Especially if you are a very busy person and have a very limited time to learn English. Well you get to speak and listen to native English teachers from all around the world. And to be honest these native teachers are extremely qualified and they love their jobs. So, happy teachers, equals to happy students. Right? Well now these classes last for almost 60 minutes so that’s one full hour of learning to speak and listen to native speakers. In a group class you would be, one among five students, and even though if it’s a group class, everyone gets equal participation in discussing various topics. And you can access anything between 10-30 group classes. In fact even the private classes, are great too. I have personally tried couple of these sessions and they are really good. Now Lingoda has a differently monthly plans, which are pretty much reasonably priced, and you can look at it as an investment to improve your English. Am I right? But then you are a Let’s Talk subscriber, so in fact we have requested Lingoda for a discount too. So what you need to do is use this code mentioned right here at the time when you are signing up for the course. There is a link mentioned in the description. Now you will get a $50 discount on your first monthly subscription. You get to choose topics that you want to discuss and hear about. So imaging how much you’re learning, with these native speakers. Right? So if I were you, I would grab this chance to becoming fluent in English with the help of native speakers. Oh yes, I almost forgot to tell you something very important, when you complete a course with Lingoda, you actually get a certificate, that acknowledges your ability to read, write, listen and speak English very well. Because this certificate is actually recognized by CEFR which is Common European Framework of Reference which is recognized worldwide. These certificates can be used for university or visa applications as well. So guys what are you waiting for? Well do go ahead and subscribe to these monthly plans on Lingoda. So that you become a fluent English speaker. So guys do try out Lingoda and let me know how did you find it…

Learn the shadowing technique

Now here is the next thing that you can do is shadowing technique. Yes, now this is another way to play a copycat. Now obviously Lingoda is the best way but why now have some real fun while improving your listening skills? Well, all you need to try is the technique called shadowing. Now what do you think a shadow does? Well it does everything you do. Well you have to be the shadow of someone else’s speech. Try picking up your favorite actor and mimic his or her way of talking. You know shadow the way the rhythm of his voice goes up and down while talking. In fact pay attention to he or she pronounces certain words which are kind of different from your pronunciation may be you pronounce it in a different manner. But try doing that. in fact the other day I tried shadowing a speech given by a former U. S. President Mr. Obama, and my family thought I was like nuts but hey, I was having a lot of fun and we learnt to listen to the unique way he talks so yes my friends I mean shadowing a good English speaker is your tip to speaking like them. So go ahead and have some fun with it listen to them copy them, and talk fluently just like them.

Focus on sounds not spellings

Here is the next thing, the sounds in English. Now those who learn to speak English very well always try to listen carefully for certain sounds made in words. Yeah I mean certain sounds may seem quite strange to you. Because it’s so different from the sound you make, while talking in your own language. For example, the /z/ (zh) sound. Now the zh sound to pronounce the word vision/ viz(a)n/ does not exist in you language that’s quite possible Right? However you need to listen carefully by paying close attention to the mouth movements made by the native speakers to form sounds like the (zh) or the (th) sound Like in thank you. now it’s not the (th) but you know it is with the air blowing out of your lips as you say it. It’s like Thank You. Right? So pick up on individual, sounds and the way you want listen to native speakers more effectively. Now this will help you get the right accent the correct pronunciation, and then guess what? Get you fluent in no time.

Learn connected speech.

What’s the next thing that you can do? Well-connected speech. A lot of my students tell me that native English speakers speak in a very funny manner. One student in fact last week told me that some native speakers tend to eat up their words. Now if you listen properly you will indeed find that native speakers sound like they are eating up their words. Why do they do that? Well because they use the technique of connected speech. Yes. They actually use this technique while talking. All fluent English speakers do that. Now what does exactly this really mean. Connected speech is talking in a way, where you don’t always pronounce words separately with the neat pause in between, in fact many words affect each other when you say them in a sentence. The end sound of one word often affects the beginning of the next word. So let me help you with an example a native speaker would say that I will take apartovit next year. Okay. Now the sentence actually is I will take a part of it next year. However individual words are not pronounced separately. Okay? Words are actually linked or joined and some sounds are sometimes even eliminated to form a different sounding word. So part of it becomes (a-part-ovit). Okay? Because the T in Part gets linked to the O in the word of. So always listen carefully for connected speech. This will help you understand and of course speak fluently in English a lot more.

Open your mind to listening.

And then here is the last point. Mindset. Listening is something you have to consciously do it. You have to tell your mind, that you will take in all the information that you hear. So don’t listen only with your ears open, open your mind to the right attitude of learning as much as you can. And as you learn to listen with an open mind… you will actually see that you need to learn new ways of saying things and unlearn the old ones. I mean I am sure it is a challenge, but a very possible one. Yes. It’s very much possible thing to do. So always have the right mind set to learning and you will learn if you believe you can. So guys thank you, thank you so much for watching me today hope you have taken down the points that I have actually mentioned in today’s video Please do follow them and hope they are really helpful to you to become a good listener and eventually a fluent English speaker . I will see you all soon. Till then keep learning. Take care

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