In how many different ways can you say ‘I Like It!’ ?

I Like It!

In how many different ways can you say it? Well! many different ways, but you are just not expanding your vocabulary and simply say ” I Like It! ” don’t you?

In this lesson Rachna brings about 14 different ways to say ” I Like it!’ Enjoy the lesson! you will learn new ways of expressing when you want to say “I like something…’ Sometimes we fall short of words when we want to say what we like. We use the common phrase ‘I like’ even when it is way more than just a liking for something.

The different expressions are :

1. I’m into it :

when you are interested in an activity.
Example : Kelly is into yoga these days.

2. I’m keen on it :

you are interested in something and want to learn more about it.

Example : Little Mary is keen on learning French.

3. I’m fond of it :

you have liked something for a long time or may have an emotional attachment with something.
Example : William is very fond of his pet dog.

4. It appeals to me :

it sounds good
Example : Settling in England appeals to me.

5. It goes down well :

other people like something you do.
Example : The presentation went down well with the board of directors.

6. It’s to my liking :

a very formal way to say ‘I like it’.
Example : The tea is to my liking. It’s perfect.

7. I’m partial to :

you like something a bit too much and it always remains your preference.
Example : Even though I’m on a diet; I’m partial to a piece of chocolate cake.

8. I’m crazy/mad/passionate about :

you extremely love something.
Example : Richard is crazy about Rock music.

9. I’m attached to :

you don’t want to do without something and you’d be sad if you lost it.
Example : I’m attached to my mobile phone. I always have it with me.

10. I’m addicted to :

you like something so much that you can’t contain yourself from it (usually used for negative habits)
Example : John is addicted to smoking and can’t break it.

11. I’ve grown to like it :

something you never liked before but have developed a liking for it over a period of time.
Example : I’ve grown to like eating cauliflower.

12. I can’t get enough of :

how much ever you like something, it isn’t enough.
Example : Peter can’t get enough of his new I-­pad.

13. I’v got a soft spot for :

you like someone a little more than other people.
Example : My father has got a soft sport for my younger sister.

14. I fancy him/her :

you think someone is attractive/good looking.
Example : Racheal fancies Brad Pitt. She finds him extremely good looking.


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