Interesting ways to use the word ‘ONE’

This English lesson is all about how to use the word “one” in various English expressions. The word “one” is used a lot to express quantity, however it can be used in various English phrases to mean different things in day to day English conversation.

Let’s look at some of these English expressions.

One of these days –

This phrase has to be used with the word going followed by an infinitive. An infinitive is the word to followed by a verb. For example (to clean, to meet, to go, etc.) It is used to talk about something that you plan to do in the near future or a task that you want to complete.

Example: One of these days I’m going to clear the clutter on my desktop.

One by one:

To perform an action one after the other in an orderly way.

Example: I will list down my tasks one by one.

I’m not one to complain but –

This phrase can be used by someone who doesn’t complain often but now has a serious complaint to make.

Example: I’m not one to complain but the network on my phone has been giving me a lot of trouble.

A one-off payment-

This is a payment made just once, no installments

Example: In order to process the sale, you need to make a one-off payment.

A one-hit wonder –

A  group or artist that sings only one hit and disappears

Example: I used to love that band but they turned out to be a one-hit wonder.

The one and only –

Used to introduce a personality who is very famous, unique etc.

Example: Let me introduce the one and only……..

A one- track mind –

If someone only thinks of one thing all the time and cannot change his/her thinking

Example: My brother has a one- track mind, he can only think of football.

One way of putting it –

This phrase is used when you want to show that you disagree with something or someone (it can sound rude so you need to use a firm yet polite tone)

Example: That’s one way of putting it; however I think we could have managed within the budget.

It’s one thing to say it –

Used to talk about something that is easy to say but difficult to do

Example:  It is one thing to say it but difficult to quit bad habits.

So these are a few ways in which we can use the above English expressions effectively. We hope that you understood the English lesson. Keep Practicing and become a fluent English speaker.


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